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Afghan Women Voting Outreach Project (Jan-Mar 2014)

Project Background: Women in Afghanistan are very limited to the things they are allowed to do. In the Afghan culture, the society’s perspective towards women political participation is very limited due to gender double standards. However in 2004, the Afghan Constitution approved women’s political participation. This was for once a positive change encouraging women’s participation and it was even accepted ... Read More »

Enhancement for Role of Ulama in Peaceful Transition in Afghanistan June-Dec 2014

Project background information: The beautiful country of Afghanistan has an old relationship with local disputes within the tribes. They have a long history of traditionalized local dispute resolution mechanisms in which the community’s have used to resolve local conflicts in the absence of effective state mechanism. These bodies often perform crucial local functions, such as resolving land disputes, reintegrating former ... Read More »

NECDO Background

Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) is a non-governmental, non-partial and non-political organization, registered with Ministry of Economy in 2002 with INO.95. NECDO was established in January 2001 by a group of volunteers to help and support needy Afghan women, youth and children when Afghan nation was passing from the time- tested moments of its history in Peshawar Afghan ... Read More »

Safe Educational Environment is a Key Element for Women’s Empowerment

Sexual Harassment is one of the major challenges that women in Afghanistan constantly face, which affects their progress in the society. According to this report “Muhit e Salim Research Report 2015”, one of the major challenges in the way of women empowerment and leadership in the tribal, male dominated and religious society. Family dignity is the top priority and women ... Read More »

Official Addresses, Main Office and Branches

NECDO has work experience in 18 provinces of Afghanistan through our mobile team and in coordination with provincial local organizations, local shuras, and network of Imams. We have four Physical offices as the followings: Location Address Manager Contacts Kabul Main Office House # 4 Kocha-e-Qasabi Shahr-e-Naw Right behind Nahia # 10 Kabul, Website: Ms. Afghani +93(0) 799 337 ... Read More »

NECDO Founder & Chairperson Jamila Afghani’s Bio in Brief

 Jamila Afghani is heading NECDO (Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization)    since 2001. NECDO is a nonprofit, local, women NGO registered with Afghan government.  During the Russian invasion she immigrated to Peshawar Pakistan where she completed  her  secondary and higher education. She has two master degrees in (Sharia Law &  International  relations from Peshawar University) Ms. Afghani has worked in ... Read More »

NECDO Managing Director Dr. Fazal Ghani Kakar Bios

Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar son of Mulawi Mohammad Hanif Kakar was born in 1352 in Nangrahar Province (Located in East of Afghanistan).  After he finished his early studies he got his BA degree in Islamic Law from the Islamic Academy of Science and Technology. He did his Master degree and PH. D in Islamic studies and Sharia Law from Peshawar ... Read More »

NECDO Organogram 2015

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Board Members discreption based on the NGOs Code of Conduct

The Governing Board, hereinafter referred to as Board member, shall consist of odd number not more than 9 members. Two of these members should be from within the organization founders; four will be external members and three from donor agencies/organizations and government agencies. The chairperson of the organization will be the 10th members of GB but will not have the ... Read More »

NECDO Vision

Our vision is to have a peaceful & prosperous Afghanistan through the empowering and polishing leadership potential of women, youths in order to have skilled, professional human resource potential. And the enhancement for a just society through advocacy initiatives Read More »