Ahmad Zia Anwari

Chair Person Board of Directors

Ahmad Zia Anwari hold Executive Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management (HRM) from Preston University and BA in Sharia and Law from International Islamic University Islamabad (Pakistan).

He works as Human Resources Director at Ministry of Information and Culture since Sep. 2014. He had also worked as Human Resources Advisor /Civil Services Reform Trainer with Human Resources Development Directorate at the Independent Administration Reforms and Civil Service Commission form Feb 2010 to June 2014. He attended different Human Resources Management, Legal studies and Social Protection, Advocacy trainings programs with UNITAR, JICA, WFP, NRC, Maxplant Institute in Afghanistan, Japan, India, etc.)

He has ten years work experiences in Human Resources Development, Public Administration Reforms, Project Management and Legislative affairs in national and international organizations (Independent Administration Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC), WB, ADB, UNCTAD, UNHCR) in Afghanistan.



Dr.Fazal Ghani Kakar MBD

Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar son of Mulawi Mohammad Hanif Kakar was born in 1352 (Solar Hijri Calander) in Ningrahar province Afghanistan. After he finished his early studies he got BA in Islamic Law from the Islamic Academy of Science and Technology. Then he got Master degree in Arabic Language and PH. D in Islamic studies and Sharia Law. In 1997 he founded an organization by the name of Alfajr (The Dawn) in which he helped and trained Afghan youths both men and women for about 20 years in Pakistan Refugee camps and within the country (Afghanistan), his lectures on peace, tolerance and moderation were attended by 100s of men and women, at the same time he was the pioneer of the idea RUPR (Role of Ulama & Religious leaders in peace and reconciliation) program, in result of which more than 5000 ulama and imams joined the peace process and are working as the messengers of peace in their respective . He has written several books on social issues and has represented Afghanistan in several national and international conferences. He always worked for the peace and brotherhood of Muslims.

Khwaja Mohammad Naim Qaderi MBD

Khwaja Mohammad Naim Qaderi, the son of Khwaja Abdul Qader, was born on 21 March 1968 in the Khwaja Saadat Khan village in the Kolangar-Logar, in a poor and bright rural family, from the bosom of his mother named Bibi Laily. He was deprived of his mother’s loving embrace, and under the guidance and support of his kind aunt, Bibi Rahima, who is a clear-minded lady, he was able to achieve the degrees of perfection, knowledge, and art. He completed his school in Kolangar High School in Logar province, and his higher education completed in the field of management and journalism in 1371 in MTP and AMRC, in Peshawar – Pakistan, he also learned the common religious sciences from the presence of the scholars of his hometown in Kolangar. He started his career at National Radio and Television (RTA) during the Mujahidin regime, and after that, he worked mostly in aid organizations and NGOs. During this period, in addition to neighboring countries, he has also traveled to Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom (UK). Qaderi is one of the civil and cultural activists and one of the reformists who has been fighting for a lifetime. One of his most important works is the establishment of Logar Public Library in 1996. Qaderi took refuge in England after the outbreak of war and returned to his country in 2006. For some time, he served as a cultural adviser to the governor of Logar, supported by DAI, and then as a trainer at the Civil Service Institute (ACSI) and for 2 years worked as a project manager in Delloitt International Inc. Later, with the cooperation of his wife, he established a private school called Parsa. After handing it over, he worked for a period of seven years at the Women for Afghan Women (WAW) as a public awareness officer. Qaderi is a hardworking person, he also has civic and cultural activities in addition to his assigned tasks and he is the architect of several cultural, and civil organizations and social councils, including the Kanoon Hasnat charity, Logar Social and Civic Foundation, (LSCF) and Logar Study Research Center (LSRC), etc… He is a member of several national organizations in the field of cultural and social associations in the country. Qaderi believes in more cultural struggle and has understood that without awareness and equipped with contemporary knowledge and art, it is not possible to win in the struggle against colonialism, exploitation, and usurpation. Qaderi has a smooth personality and has been interested in poetry since he was a teenager, and has studied the books of great poets and writes poetry himself. He has two books of poetry called “Hangama-e bidary” and “Elegy of Freedom” ready for publication. Also, he has written the book “History of the Afghan Ulama Movement (NUA)” in collaboration with Dr. Fazal Ghani Kakar, and “The History of the Educational and Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) and the book by the name of “Mobile Phone” are among his published works. Another great book called Armaghan –e Logar, which is an encyclopedia is also It is being prepared for publication as soon as possible. In the course of his work and activities, Qaderi has participated in several educational seminars and workshops to improve his capacity and has been honored to receive letters of appreciation from several governmental and non-governmental organizations.