NECDO (Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization) is thankful from Jerrahi Order of America for assisting us with financial support to reach out to 340 severely needy families with food distribution during the first week of Ramadan ul Mubarak in the year 2018. I hope Allah (SWT) will accept these saqadas and zakat as reward for our Akhira. Soon after the wire transfer from Jerrahi Order, NECDO’s relief team started their paperation for on time mamangment of the distributions during the first week of Ramadan.

Short Information about NECDO’s Relief Program:

NECDO beside its development Activities, focusing on Relief program since its establishment. The start of NECDO work in the year 2000 was with a campaign of food distribution among the needy Afghans refugee camps in Peshawar Pakistan where in a day 36 women and children died of heat and hanger. Every year some business community, people from abroad and from inside Afghanistan sends their sadaqat and zakat to NECDO to distribute among the needy families. During the year 2017 with kind support of our families, friends, and partners we could reach out to 2000 families for food disterbuation in Kabul, Nangrhar, Ghazni, Wardak provinces. We also could dig two water wells, which for provision of drinking water for 12000 families. In the year 2017 through support of Jerrahi Order of America we could provide the cash amount of $100/ family and we reached out to 245 Families with severe lacking food.

Target Beneficiaries in Relief Programs:

Unfortunately, Afghanistan is burning in the past 40 years in the fire of war and conflicts, which has destroyed fabric of social life. Most Afghan families are suffering from severe poverty, low income due to loss of lands in drought and floods as well as ongoing conflicts. The NECDO Relief team is in touch with the needy community majority from Martyred families, families with disables breadwinner, widows breadwinners, child breadwinners, economically poor families, orphans, internally displaced families due to the conflict, returnees from Iran and Pakistan who has no access to financial means and who are jobless. We also have people from municipality office that has the lowest income among the government employees, the soldier’s families who have lost a part of their bodies in war and they cannot help their family’s economic resources, those Mujahidin and soldiers who have got fully paralyzed and are not able to help their families

Time to time people in need contact our office for support and we have developed a list of the beneficiaries, NECDO Relief team conducts the assessment from the beneficiaries and they also conduct the investigation about each and every beneficiary. After the compilation of the investigations the lists are updated and we provide them coupon through which they can get food package or any aid available. The NECDO relief team also time to time conducts visit from the vulnerable community where a large number of IDPs or returnees are living without any help and support. We have two specific locations where disable communities are living with extreme poverty.

We had to select 340 out of the list of 2000 families in our database, the most needy families were listed based on the assessment done by NECDO distribution team the criteria set for the needy families was being a widow, orphan, a family with very lower income and big number of children and the disables. Through this report we only provide the details of support by Jerrahi Order of Ameriaca to 340 families in Kabul province of Afghanistan

The list was completed and divided to different groups and categories. The distribution started on the 29th of SHABANUL MUAZAM and lasted for 12 days until the 10th of RAMADHANUL MUBARAK 2018.

Food Items Distributed:

Based on the agreement with Jerrahi Order of American through email the following items were chosen for the food package (Flour, Beans, Cooking Oil 5Lt (liquid), Sugar, Rice, Date). Each family had to get 21 Kg of flour, 10.5 km of rice, 5 liter of cooking oil, 14km (different beans), 5kg of Sugar, and 4 kg of fresh date. The chart below gives a quick look:

No Item Qty Pack Weight Total Weight
1 Flour (Kazakh No. 1) 340Packs 21Kg 7140Kg
2 Rice (Sila No.1) 340Packs 10.5Kg 3570Kg
3 Cooking Oil (liquid-son flower) 340Packs 5Liter 1700Lt
4 Beans (Kazakh No. 1) 340Packs 14Kg 4760Kg
5 Sugar 340Packs 5Kg 1700Kg
6 Dates 340Packs 4Kg 1360Kg
Grand total: 18530Kg 1700Lt food stuff distributed (More than Twenty Tones)

Mechanism of Distribution:

In order to keep the distribution organized each needy family was given a coupon in advance to present to the distributors who would only provide the food staff based on showing and presenting the coupon. The distributer location was selected based on the accessibility of the target beneficiaries.

This year through Jerrahi Order we provided support to 340 families in total (100 families with disable breadwinner, 100 orphans breadwinner, 40 female breadwinner families, 100 families with severe poverty. The lists are included in the report annexes.

Section of the food items:

According to the NECDO Financial Policy any purchase over $500/ American dollars must have at least 3 quotations. Based on the management team decision, the lowest price with best quality was selected. The Hajat Mir Food Company was selected among the three bidders and MoU was signed in between NECDO and the company on the 28th of Shabanul Muazam 2018 The distribution started from 29th of Shabanul Muzam onwards.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

For the purpose of transparency and quality control NECDO Monitoring team was present time to time on the disterbuation location where the quality of food and the transparency of the dissertation was monitored and the report shows satisfactory. We also had NECDO management team time to time visit from the distribution process and checking over the M&E team were conducted.

Appreciations and Thank you:

 NECDO extends its gratitude and thanks for the trust you extended to us for provision of the opportunity to implement this year (2018) Sadaqat distribution program for the needy and vulnerable families in Afghanistan. May Allah (SWT) accept your Sadaqat and all good deeds and reward you all with happiness in both worlds (Dunya and Akherat) Amin.

We also convey the prayers and good wishes of all the needy families to you. May Allah (SWT) accept all their prayers and reward you with best rewards. (Amin)

NECDO Background:

Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) is a nongovernmental, non-partial and non-political organization, registered with Ministry of Economy in 2002 with INO.95. NECDO was established in January 2001 by a group of volunteer sisters & brothers to help and support needy Afghan women, youth and children when Afghan nation was passing from the time tested moments of its history in Peshawar Afghan Refugee Camps. NECDO started its activities with smallness of means, and greatness of purpose, which is based on the humanitarian and development assistance. We believe that unity, faith, mobilization & empowerment of Afghan community can reduce the miseries of Afghan nation.  During our social activities in the camps we realized the need for education, capacity building and income generation projects in order to help our nation with sustainable development; specially educating Afghan women, youth and children were the priorities set forth beside our Relief Intervention activities; with the believe that it’s better to light a candle rather than curse the darkness we initiated several projects successfully.

NECDO’s Mission: We lead for an educated, skilled, and professional women & youths Leaders to create lasting solution to social injustice and promote good governance.

Our Goal is to raise awareness and mobilize Afghans to eliminate differences (discrimination) and work for peace

NECDO’s Objectives:

  • To empower women, youths, through capacity building as professional leaders for key position
  • To mobilize community influenecial leaders (women 
and men) and building their capacity as advocates of 
human rights and women’s rights
  • To Empower Afghan women and youths towards 
sustainable life and economic empowerment
  • To conduct advocacy for a just society through 
networking and advocacy
  • To build capacity of moderate Ulama

NECDO’s Principles: Transparency, Impartiality, Unity, & Friendly relation with other sister organization