Library in Charge Mehria Faizi

Mehria Faizy   was born on December, 18th, 2003 in a well-educated and well known family. She attended Maryam high school from 1st to- 12th grade in Kabul. While there, she had always been appreciated for being the best in moral and her studies. During her time in Maryam high school, Mehria participated in many international competitions.

In 2021, Ms. Mehria   graduated from high school with GPA of 89.56.and got into BBA economics faculty of Kardan University. After she finished school, she had arrived at a point in her life where she had to make decisions that were vital for her future and that was choosing what to specialize in- she  initially wanted to study BBA, in fact she was found of at all her life. Being a good Economist it has ever been one of her biggest ambitions and she is happy for being able to make this dream to untrue.

Mehria Faizy has a strong desire for social services and volunteer jobs. She has been working as librarian for NECDO, where she works to promote and support Afghan women and girls in gender equality, peace, security, advocacy and networking and technology.

Mehria’s mission is to support women to achieve their full potential; to encourage, enable and facilitate their active involvement in organization, employment, learning and community life. She seeks to achieve this by harnessing the economic power of women and in communities, promoting social inclusion, changing perceptions and influencing polies.

Nazo Anna Library Activities Report

Introduction: Naz Anna Library was established in 2003 as a starting project of NECDO (Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization) in Kabul as main branch and expanded its outreach branches in Jalalabad, Ghazni and Badakhshan and recently a branch in NIC (Noor Islamic Center) in Bothkhak of Kabul Province. This library is named after Nazo Anna who was a famous national hero in Afghan Women in the history of Afghanistan. This library started from small and basic stage, but today we have 7120 books in our main branch library.  The system of the library is explained below:

     Summary: Nazo Anna library has 7120 books and different manuals. These books are registered in a specific database and all the specification of a book are recorded there. Based on Catalogue system each book has a serial number, a section number, letters of the title, card, stamp of the organization as well as the stamp of the library. This number is increasing day by day as new books are purchased, donated or gifted to the library by members and friends.

     Details: Nazo Anna library has now 7120 books, these books include the below sections:

  • Islamic Literature Section
  • Social Science Section
  • Computer and IT Section
  • General information Section
  • Comic Books and Children Section
  • Novels and Stories Section
  • Health and Sport Section
  • Manuals and Handouts on various topics related to capacity building and women rights issues, E.G Anti-sexual Harassment & elimination of violence against women
  • Also had distributed different story books

Nazo Ana Library distributed 12,631 storybooks all over Kabul from among 17,436 storybooks. The books were distributed in preschools, schools, Madarasas and to Nazo Ana members, with the intention to increase the knowledge of the Afghan community; alongside to increase empathy, expand vocabulary usage, reduces stress, kids sleep, and alleviates depression of children, as well as to encourage children to study and read books.

This distribution was started from March to May 2021 in the tough situation of Afghanistan and had a very good impact on children’s behaviors and literacy improvement as well as reading abilities.

Strategy of Nazo Ana Library for Distribution of Books:

We wrote a plan addressing each school, preschool and Madarasas. Each week, we distributed 15,00 storybooks including the guidance books for their teachers. We had members from NECDO visiting these children in their schools, encouraging them, and asking them their problems.

Children were pleased to get free and fully functioning storybooks; they started reading these books with full interest, keen to get more books.

Picture of each distribution were taken for broadcasting in media. MOU assigned between distributors and targeted schools. They were very thankful for assessing their students and encouraged them for studying.

The Nazo Anna library is very well library and we were able to install the label, setting, and new cards in the library in addition to 800 journals to different topics


Mr. Budi Rehmat Suryasputra , advisor to the minister and responsible for the mission of the friendly country of Indonesia, visited the library in relation to the library’s activities.

Interested Visitors:

Those interested in Nazo Anna library visit this library daily.  Everyone can get their favorite books. Nazo Anna library is open every day from 8 am to 4 pm.

Activities of the Library: 

Distributed Books:

No Number of books Books received by  Issued date
1 650 Masod-e Sad High School 31, 03, 2021
2 750 Zarghona High School 01, 04, 2021
3 750 Aamena Qudawi High School 04,04, 2021
4 850 Abdul Hadi High School 07, 04, 2021
5 900 Madrasa At-tahzib 08, 04, 2021
6 790 Wahdat High School 12, 04, 2021
7 500  Setara Pre-School 13,04, 2021
8 750 Daricha e Noor Elementary School 14, 04, 2021
9 790 Sardar Muhammad Dawod Khan High School 18, 04, 2021
10 815 Speen Kalai High School 19, 04, 2021
11 500 Madrasa Darul Aitam 21, 04, 2021
12 300 Madras-e Talimul Quran Rahe Sadat 22, 04, 2021
13 800 De Kali Aama ketabton
14 500 Speedar-e Danish High School 02, 05, 2021
15 20 Mr. Qadri, Nazo Ana Library member 12, 05,2021
16 600 Bibi Hajar High School 17, 05, 2021
17 20 Mr. Naseer Kakar, Nazo Ana Library member 20, 05, 2021
18 25 Ms. Torpekai MoMand, Nazo Ana Library member 23, 05, 2021
19 1000 MIC-Nazo Anna Branch 31, 05, 2021
20 2321 Nazo Ana Library 31, 05, 2021
21 1200 TaLIM U Quran 26, 03,2022
22 800 Ibrahim Khalilullah 26, 03,2022
Total 14631 distributed books remained 2805 books

Due to lock-down we weren’t able to distribute the remaining books according to Nazo Ana Library’s plan.  After lockdown, we will distribute the remaining books to targeted schools.

 Support of the Afghan Ulama Movement for the right to education and participation of women in society,

The 10th annual conference of Afghanistan Scholars movement was held on the first January 2022 in the Nazo Anna Library hall in in this conference, they discussed the mission, vision and practical solutions of the Afghan Ulama Movement, which are moderation and centrality in religion and all social affairs of humans.

Celebrate of 8th March:

 Nazo Anna Library, which is a part of Noor Education and Capacity Development organization (NECDO) successfully celebrated 8th of March, international women’s day with the participation of active women and girls, partner institutions and the afghan press family.