Project implementation Summary:

Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) successfully implemented WFP Social Protection Title: KAO-SO1-NECDO-AF01-0502 within 9Th months from JANUARY 1st , to SEPTEMBER 31st , 2020 in Kabul, PD-1, PD-2, PD-3, PD-4, PD-5, PD-6, PD-7, PD-8, PD-9, PD-10, PD-11, PD-12, PD-13, PD-15, PD-16 and PD-17. The NECDO team started Survey for cash distribution to vulnerable families as (Widow, Orphans, Wobble and cripple, those who have the most lower income of monthly), the project was supported by World Food Program (WFP).

2. Details:

NECDO recruited project staff, survey team, and appointed PM to conduct meetings with WFP representatives do networking with PDs and community leaders.

Based on the project plan, the survey team initiate the activities for the above mentioned PDs and contacted with the relevant PDs beneficiary’s focal points, Community leaders (Wakil Guzar), Mullah Imam to provide the vulnerable families lists. Every single day, we were surveyed approximately 400 households that only 86 beneficiaries were selected for cash distribution. In close of each business day the report was sent to the WFP Kabul Area office. On 16/ Jan/2020 the approved beneficiaries list received back from WFP, simultaneously, communicative team got through to beneficiaries and invite them to the relevant field offices to obtain their finger prints through scope system,  data were uploaded and was sent to WFP Kabul Area office, program unite  for issuing  Humanitarian Assistance Card. On 28/Jan/2020 PDs relevant sites rented for cash distribution carry out payment process in, then the selected beneficiaries were invited again by NECDO communicative team to distribute the cash and Humanitarian Assistance Cards at same time, it is worth mentioning, that, the first round distribution process take 8 days longs till 06 Feb/2020.As the project was supported by WFP for nine month in Kabul city, therefore, the project implementation continued till 31th Sep 2020

3. Method of survey:

In order to find out the extremely vulnerable families in the above mentioned PDs, NECDO management decided to  conduct meeting with Community leader,Mulla Imams to reach to hard and could  create the vulnerable families  list  in Kabul city ,then base on the created lists survey was initiated on 1th Jan 2020 ,Survey activities take 15 day along, at same time  beneficiary scope and Biometric began which in each close of day the scope activities  were sent to project manager and through project management the report was sent to the World Food Program Unit.

4. Method of distribution

In order to have appropriate distribution, first the NECDO staff called each beneficiary, and invite them two member of a family for the next day, upon the beneficiary arrival to the relevant site office, his/her name was checked and finger printed through scope system, then the data was uploaded and sent to the relevant program unit of WFP, as they could issue the Humanitarian Assistance Card, whenever, Humanitarian Assistance Card issued, then the cards along with list was received to NECDO. Again NECDO staff called each beneficiary and invite them for the upcoming day, issued Humanitarian Assistance Card was given beneficiary, at same time the Slip was printing through M Pass Machine by the names of beneficiary who approved by WFP, then the NECDO logbook and AWCC logbook was finger printed by beneficiary and then simultaneously the payment made to the beneficiary. It’s worth to mention that at the end of each business day all the token was counted and recorded by NECDO staff and endorsed by the WFP representative.

Additionally, the NECDO staff and all stakeholders tried up to optimum extent to manage the distribution process in a way to be provided in all the necessity steps.   We encouraged beneficiaries to wait for  the process as line  and  respect each other’s rights , minimum social distance and other instructions given Senior Management Team

  5. Project Problems:

  • Database problems, some beneficiary cell phone numbers  were off
  • Beneficiary absence
  • Being not work of M pass machine
  • Sometime beneficiary fingers were not matched

 6. Project Problems solution:

  • in case of being cell off the beneficiary were informed by the relevant community leaders, Imam-e-masjid or Wakeel-E-Guzar
  • In case of not working M pass Machine, coordination with WFP Program Unit taking allowance of cash distribution activities
  • In case of not matching finger WFP would be sent a specific beneficiary M Pass Machine code.

  7. Project success:

  • Helped  beneficiary monthly income
  • Received cash to 1286 beneficiaries in above mentioned PDs

Table of PDs that we selected Beneficiary from

No. Province PDs Vulnerable families Selected
1 Kabul PD-1 15
2 Kabul PD-2 16
3 Kabul PD-3 123
4 Kabul PD-4 8
5 Kabul PD-5 204
6 Kabul PD-6 111
7 Kabul PD-7 203
8 Kabul PD-8 77
9 Kabul PD-9 27
10 Kabul PD10 84
11 Kabul PD11 17
12 Kabul PD12 146
13 Kabul PD13 48
15 Kabul PD15 32
16 Kabul PD16 101
17 Kabul PD17 75

Briefly nine month cash payment cycle of 1286 households

Cash Payment Report From Cycle1 to Cycle 9th of Kabul Province

Date Cycle Activity CP Name Province #. of Recipients Cash AFN Total Payment PAD Absent
Male Female Total
Jan-20 Cycle1 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul 581 705 1286   3,858,000 1286 1286 0
Feb-20 Cycle2 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul    566       713 1279   3,837,000 1286 1279 7
Mar-20 Cycle3 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul   569      709 1278   3,834,000 1286 1278 8
Apr-20 Cycle4 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul 563 713 1276   3,828,000 1286 1276 10
May-20 Cycle5 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul 556 717 1273   3,819,000 1286 1273 13
Jun-20 Cycle6 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul 563 710 1273   3,819,000 1286 1273 13
Jul-20 Cycle7 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul 556 711 1267   3,801,000 1286 1267 19
Aug-20 Cycle8 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul 571 690 1261   3,783,000 1286 1261 25
SPE-20 Cycle9 Resident-CBT NECDO Kabul 574 689 1263   3,789,000 1286 1263 23