Project implementation Summary:

Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) successfully implemented WFP Social Protection Title: KAO-SO1-NECDO-AF01-0502 within 2 months from May 1st , to June 30st , 2020 in Kabul,  PD-4, PD-11, PD-15 and PD-17. The NECDO team started Survey for cash distribution to vulnerable families as (Widow, Orphans, Wobble and cripple, those who have the most lower income of monthly), the project was supported by World Food Program (WFP).


Initially NECDO recruited the survey and scope teams upon agreement with WFP representative from 1st May, 2020 to 31st June, 2020. The survey team asked the focal points, community leaders (Wakil-e-Guzar) and Mullah Imams to provide us the list of vulnerable families. As soon as lists were gathered, the team started the survey and each day approximately 450 families were surveyed and the selected numbers of families were asked to come next day for Scope process. In total 4300 households were surveyed.



Location Per HH/CBT Per Month CBT Total CBT (2 months)
PD # 04 1,150 Afs. 3,000 6,900,000
PD # 11 1,000 Afs. 3,000 6,000,000
PD # 15 1,050 Afs. 3,000 3,150,000
PD # 17 1,100 Afs. 3,000 6,600,000
Total for four PDs 4,300   25,800,000


This project has been started from PD-4 and NECDO survey and scope team conducted survey successfully with scope (data entry in database) which was started in May, 2020 and completed in June, 2020. The purpose of this project is to assist the most vulnerable families affected by COVID-19 with cash assistance. Each district has a specified portion of beneficiaries therefore 4300 families were surveyed. Each beneficiary received the cash assistance of 6,000 AFN through AWCC (cash provider). The cash distribution took place in presence of the field monitor from WFP.