One of the interesting projects we had in Ghazni under a very tough security situation was literacy, English, Computer and some awareness raising workshops for those people who had passed from DDR process.


  • To provide literacy, English language and computer skills to 75 DDR personnel
  • To prevent the trainees from joblessness and joining the bands of insurgency

1.3. BENEFICIARIES: A total Number of 75 DDR personnel who put down their arms and joined the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan


 NEC was selected by IOM for the implementation of DDR literacy, English language and computer skills program in Ghazni. This literacy program was designed for six months period during the year 2008 3 classes were set up for the trainees and were given 2 hours lesson every day.

The topics covered during the training were:

  • How to read and write
  • What are the characteristics of a good Muslim
  • What are the benefits of peace
  • How to bring peace to the war torn country Afghanistan

The trainees were given certificates after the completion of the course which enabled them to read and write and communicate in English language and got hand on some computer software packages 

  • Project duration: November 2007- May 2008
  1. SAFE ENVIRONMENT –Sexual Harassment (MOHIT-E-SALIM)


 The project of Muhit –e-Salim (safe environment) is a joint project of civil society and government to work for the creation of an enabling and an environment free of sexual harassment in Kabul University and other Educational institution in Afghanistan based on existing and proposed Legal frame work of the country. We have finalized the research report and we developed poster for having public awareness about the issue where we hung that in educational institutes as well as public transports. 


  • To find the degree of sexual harassment in the educational areas
  • To collect information about Psycho social and physically sexual harassment in the society
  • To build alliance between government and civil society for creating an enabling environment of progress and development for women
  • To build the capacity of the Alliance to work for the elimination of the Sexual harassment
  • To increase awareness on sexual harassment among young students and help in their mobilization in working against it
  • To support the formulation of a code of conduct which to be enacted by Kabul and other universities
  • Lobby Advocacy around the use of Code of Conduct
  • Building report mechanism and measure of protection for creation of safe educational environment for all


A research was conducted last year from Kabul University through a questionnaire & interviews from 850 female students, 150 male students and 150 University employees for finding what is the level of occurrence of Sexual Harassment in Kabul University. We also conducted awareness training workshops for 1150 university students. 


Women public life and mobility in Afghanistan has always been determined by the social environment, security and safety in public. Family has often restrained their daughter from going to schools and universities when they learn that their daughter dignity and integrity was going under questions. This kind of family attitude has left less communication space for younger women to ask their family support in what has been happening to them in public.

Women often deal with sexual harassment by subduing her feeling and showing silence and she would quit her career to skip the situation faced by her in many cases. Men perpetuator are usually taking advantage of this silence to pursue their sexual goal consciously or unconsciously, effecting women right to mobility to education and career building and working outside home. Street mugging, touching and teasing of women especially verbally are generally exercised as born right of men without getting much complain from women


The project first phase has successfully completed and we plan certain other activities as second phase for 2009.