Executive Summary:

Nahdhat-Ulama Afghanistan has successfully conducted the annual conference 2017 for 165 Ulamam From almost all provinces of the country, with the technical and moral support of Indonesian Embassy in Kabul.

NUA Shura members from Kabul, Representative from Indonesian Embassy, Ulama from Indonesia,  Media groups, government bodies and security departments male and female participated in the two day conference on the 15th and 16th of May 2017 in Safi Landmark Hotel, under the theme (Role of ULAMA –NUA- in Peace, Development, respect to human rights and love with humanity).

NUA shura appointed a committee in advance to organize the event for the date (15th and 16th May 2017), the committee had done its job well and did all the arrangements. The issue was put forth through a former letter from NUA to the ministry of Haj (MoRA) and requested for support of the program at the same time MoFA and MoJ were informed by a formal letter from NUA to inform their concerned departments.

The media local, national & international channels were communicated and the conference was given a good coverage both on local, national and international level.

NUA is thankful to its respectable committee for the very good arrangement and communication they did for the conference.

NUA also highly appreciate Indonesian Embassy in particular His Excellency Mr. Arief Rachman the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for the technical and financial support which made this program possible to be conducted.

Thanks a lot.

Fazal Ghani Kakar

Founder NUA/Kabul Afghanistan


  1. Summary of NPR:

On Monday 15th of May 2017 NUA Conference under the title Role of Ulama –NUA- in Peace, Development, respect to human rights and love with humanity was held in Safi Landmark Hotel in Kabul City. The conference was attended by 165 Ulama (100 male and 65 women), members of NUA Shura (BD) from Kabul, other provinces, delegation of Ulama from Indonesia, representative from Indonesian Embassy, media groups, Government authorities and member of the security department. The conference was successfully completed in evening on the 16th of May; the Ulama showed their full support to the initiative and declared their readiness to work for peace together with Afghanistan Government for Peace, reconciliation and development. The conference was concluded by a press release which emphasized on the role of NUA in the peace process and asked the Afghan government to create space for NUA in the peace process and reconciliation efforts.

  1. Details:

Based on the agreement with the respected embassy of Indonesia to conduct the 2 day annual conference under the theme “Role of Ulama (NUA) in Peace, Development, Respect to Human Rights and Love with Humanity” in Kabul Afghanistan to ensure the role of NUA-Ulama in peace and reconciliation, NUA begin its preparation and contacted NUA committees throughout the country to do arrangement for such an event to be conducted in May of 2017, the activities were accomplished chronologically as below:

  • NUA organizing committee do all the arrangements, communication on central & provincial level, preparing lists, sending out invitations, hotel booking and contacting local government authorities and networking with concerned government institutions
  • NUA (Shuar) develop agenda for the conference and sending out letters of getting support from MoRA, MoFA and MoJ
  • Doing all logistic arrangements, printing banners, posters, brochures and copying all the required administrative papers
  • Doing time to time communication with participants and the concerned government departments
  • Held consultative meetings within NUA Shura (BD) in Kabul for updates and getting further instructions for the betterment of the conference
  • Preparations were finalized for the travel of the NUA members to Kabul and moved by the 14th of May 2017 (The delegates were received in Kabul by the organizing committee)
  • The conference was held successfully on 15th May in the Hall of Safi Landmark in accordance to the agenda

Conference Activities:

  • The conference commenced with the recitation of few verses from Holy Quran by Mr. Qari Muhammad Murtadha member of NUA Kabul Committee followed by national anthem of both brotherly countries Afghanistan and Indonesia, followed by welcoe speech of Mr. Hashemi Head of NUA. Later the remarks by Mr. Lukman Hakim from the Indonesian Embassy, fllowed by introduction to the goals and objectives of the conference by Mr. Kakar who introduced the goal and objective of the conference to the audience through a power point presentation.
  1. Goal peace, of this conference is to enhance role of Ulama in durable peace, development, respect to human rights and love to humanity
  2. Objectives of the conference:
  • Renewing the commitment of NUA members (male and female) to work for durable peace in Afghanistan
  • Providing the opportunity for the Afghan Ulama to exchange views and expertize with the Ulama from Indonesia
  • Broadening the role of ulama in peace, development and protection of human rights in the lights of Islam and the constitution of Afghanistan
  • Provision of an opportunity for NUA members’ better coordination and cooperation on provincial level
  • Deepening the understanding of the 5 principals of NUA, Moderation, Social Justice, Tolerance, Balance and Participation
  • Introducing NUA program to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, civil Society, international community and political parties
  • During the tea break a group photos was pitched by the participants, delegates, Ulama and NUA Shura members (male and female)
  • The program went in accordance to the plan and the agenda the speeches of the delegates from Indonesia were welcomed by the participants and in particular the dynamic speech of his Excellency Mr. Arief Rachan the ambassador made the eyes of the participants full of tears
  • The speakers supported the 5 principals of NUA (Moderation, Social Justice, Tolerance, Balance and Participation)
  • The provincial committees thanked NUA shura (BD) for the initiative and appreciated the support of respected embassy of Indonesia for the technical and financial support to facilitate the conference, they all in their speeches emphasized on the role of Ulama in peace and showed their commitment to work together with the Ulama in the country for this holy cause, they said peace is as blood for the life of development and progress even the worship cannot be fulfilled without peace.
  • The Financial self-reliance plan was introduced by Mr. Kakar through a power point presentation and the committee of NUA in the provincial committees was given the responsibility to work for ensuring the plan.
  • The election for the 2 next years was contested among 4 Shura members, Mr. Sayed Salahuddin Hashemi, Mr. Dr. Muhammad Sulaiman Nesary, Mr. Muhammad Sarwar Sarwari, and Mr. Ahmad Noor Wqef. 118 participants casted their votes detailed as below:

“Based on the policies and procedures of NUA every 2 year the elections are held for appointing new leader for the group”

No Name Vote casted Remarks
1 Maulana Sayed Slahuddin Hashemi 48 Elected for the second round (will serve until 2019)
2 Dr. Sulaiman Nesary 43
3 Maulana Sarwar Sarwari 17
4 Maulana Ahmad Noor Waqif 10
Total Vote 118  
  • Later the Final statement (Press Release ) was recited by Mr. Muhammad Sarwar Tauhidi NUA Shura member , The statement consist of 10 points below:

  • Article #1: NUA is a non-profit, non-political and a social organization based on religious and national values and it aims to enlighten the common vision, in particular the new generation in the country to protect religious and national values and to take part in the peace process and ensure territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.
  • Article #2: NUA consider durable peace and coexistence the urgent need of the people in Afghanistan and is seriously committed to fulfill this.
  • Article #3: NUA appreciate the sacrifices of the both national police and army and is obliged to support them
  • Article #4: NUA strongly condemn all sort of acts of terror and will struggle against all type of extremism.
  • Article #5: NUA appreciates the act of all the national and international institutions who work for the protection of religious values and national interests of Afghanistan
  • Article #6: NUA condemns all sorts of acts of violation of human rights and is committed to work for the elimination of violence of human rights
  • Article #7: NUA is committed to work for the empowerment of ULAMA and religious leaders without any discrimination or political affiliation
  • Article#8: NUA is committed to work for the elimination of all sorts of corruption and mal-characters
  • Article #9: NUA supports the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to implement the development projects in the country in the light of National Constitutions
  • Article# 10: NUA is expresses its commitment to the articles of this statement consisting 10 articles

NUA/16th May 2017-Kabul Afghanistan

  • Followed by the exchange of gifts to the Indonesian delegates and personal contact exchanges among the Ulama
  • The written Evaluation was conducted by the technical NUA staff and the program was concluded by the Duaa by Mr. Maulana Ahmad one of the prominent Ulama of Ghazni Province and head of the Ulama Council there.
  1. Conclusion and Views of some participants:

NUA once again is thankful to the respected Embassy of Indonesia for the technical and financial support of the conference

  • Rabia a female participant wrote in her evaluation paper, “I learned very good things from this conference, it was very meaningful, and relaxing, I am proud to have been part of this, and would love to be part of this type of event in the future again, I would also request to be member of Herat NUA committee, wish you and the organizers more success.”
  • Inayatullah Nasrat one of the male Ulama wrote in his evaluation paper, “This was a historic gathering, useful and constructive, I hope NUA and its leadership with their struggle will succeed in making the national unity and brotherhood for the nation.”
  • Sebghatullah from Takhar province another male Ulama wrote, “This conference enlightened me and other Ulama, I will share the information with other Ulama who could not attend this event today.”
  • Gul Mohammd male participant from Ulama wrote, “NUA establishment is a unique step, it should not have political affiliation, and should just work for the 5 core principals introduced, we are ready to work for these 5 core principal.”