Brief description on Mobilizing Afghan Men to Protect Women Rights, Democracy and Peace project:

NECDO is implementing a project by the name of Mobilizing Afghan Men to Protect Women Rights Democracy and Peace; the project started on Jan 2016 and will end on Dec 2016. The project covers three provinces like Kabul, Ningarhar and Parwan province. Project Goal is to enhance local communities’ resiliency, cohesion and capacity to promote a peaceful transition by conducting activities to support the ability of traditional dispute resolution bodies to resolve disputes and to bridge the gap between these bodies, communities, CSOs and formal justice and other government officials.

Over all Expected results of the project:

  • By end of the project 4200 important and influential (200 Imams, 200 CSMs,200 Women activists) will be trained as advocates for woman rights
  • All the trained men & women, each will train another 10 persons in total they will reach to 6000 other individuals
  • We will get 3 CWGs each of (150 Men & women- each province) who will be interlinked and work for the protection of woman right in their communities
  • A database of the direct beneficiaries will be developed for future communication and links
  • A change in behaviour takes place for a large number of influential individuals who affect others, especially on the issue of women economic empowerment and her right to ownership  
  • Noor educational & capacity development ORGANIZATION (NECDO)         started its preparation for organizing of Community working group (CWG) since 1th May 2016; followings are the activities which have done;

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