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international Award on Leadership from Tallberg Foundation SWEDEN

Proudly NECDO Founder Ms. Jamila Afghani got the international Award on Leadership from Tallberg Foundation SWEDEN. This is considered achievement for all Afghan women and Afghan Civil Society. Read More »

NECDO Profile 2015

Major projects conducted by NECDO so far: Establishment of 9 Community Development Groups in Kabul, Kunar and Kandahar One week conference for 200 CDGs in Kabul Conducing a research report from 20 universities from the 4 provinces on sexual harassment in higher education institutions Publicizing 200 minutes of nation wide Radio massages against sexual harassment and its prohibition from Islamic ... Read More »

Annual Report 2014

Imam Initiative Project on EVAW (IMAMS Role in Elimination of Violence Against Women) 2014 Project # 1 Background information: NECDO since 2008 is involved with the Imams in three directions: The first direction is Role of Imams in the elimination of violence against women, women rights under the support of WISE (ASMA society) Second direction is the role of Imams ... Read More »

Welcome to NECDO Website

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Development of Women Shuras Leadership Potential Project

Based on the 2009 baseline study that was conducted from Women Shuras in Northern Provinces, the findings of the baseline study the project DWSLP was designed. The project’s title was DWSLP and was one of the most successful projects that -were implemented by NECDO’s through financial and technical support of GIZ-GM unit from Nov 2010 –Feb 2012 as first phase ... Read More »

NECDO Advocacy Unit

Advocacy is one of the key elements in any movement building process. NECDO, alongside many other women organizations for the promotion of culture of human rights and women’s right’s established its advocacy Units in 2004.  The initial step developed an advocacy policy and based on that guideline we designed projects to address the issue. The very first project we conducted ... Read More »

Imam Initiative on EVAW & Gender Equality

Domestic violence is a worldwide challenge. NECDO st EVAW with the approval of MOWA and MORA working with Imams to promote Human Rights and Women’s right in 2007. The projects idea was taken more professional shape when Ms. Afghani attended WISE conference in Malaysia, in 2008. Miss. Afghani personally learned that moderating the Imam mind-set would be the most beneficial ... Read More »

Afghan Women Voting Outreach Project (Jan-Mar 2014)

Project Background: Women in Afghanistan are very limited to the things they are allowed to do. In the Afghan culture, the society’s perspective towards women political participation is very limited due to gender double standards. However in 2004, the Afghan Constitution approved women’s political participation. This was for once a positive change encouraging women’s participation and it was even accepted ... Read More »

Enhancement for Role of Ulama in Peaceful Transition in Afghanistan June-Dec 2014

Project background information: The beautiful country of Afghanistan has an old relationship with local disputes within the tribes. They have a long history of traditionalized local dispute resolution mechanisms in which the community’s have used to resolve local conflicts in the absence of effective state mechanism. These bodies often perform crucial local functions, such as resolving land disputes, reintegrating former ... Read More »

2008 Peacemakers in Action Awardees (Tanenbaum)

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