Project Summary (approximately two paragraphs):

The project activities started from June 2009 till 31st May 2010 was a successful completion by the financial and technical generous support of Cw4wafghanistan during this period of time we could provide service of library for2223 (1451female, 622 male 150 children in Kabul, 230 Jalalabad, 230 Ghzani) people beside library, we also provided English language courses for 175 people in Kabul, Ghazni and Jalalabad as well as literacy program for 116 women in Ghazni and Jalalabad, 1812 books were added to our library asset in total we provided service to 2683 people in all three provinces during the period between June 2009 and May 2010. It was not possible without financial support and the inputs of the cw4w after each quarter report was another added value for the progress and achievements of the project activities especially the English teaching material provided by Ms. Luryan Oatts. In addition, the project was audited by an international firm and we are working on external evaluation of the project by an independent consultant (The original copies of the reports will be submitted through mail)

Following the third quarter report activities the Nazo Ana Library fourth and last quarter activities in general went on, normally during the period from March 2010 to 31st May 2010. Number of the students increased in all due to better weather conditions in Kabul and Ghazni and school holidays in Jalalabad as well as the hard work of our teams. The community in Ghazni and Jalalabad are very cooperative in sending their girls (daughters, sisters and wives) to get literacy lessons, read books and learn in our English language courses. The normal activities of library utilization by youths and women, Literacy and English classes were going on in all three centers. The special activities of children in the libraries such as story telling, playing the role of the story heroes in the class, watching cartoons, playing with bocks developing and drawing using colors, singing songs, developing topics and stories are the most favorite part of our activities that not only children but even mothers get interested when see that how their children enjoy and there is wide improvement in their behavior. Women setting the literacy classes in Ghazni & Jalalabad get more interested as beside literacy we work with them how to treat their children, how to reduce violence in family environment and how utilize energy for a better health keeping in mind good and hygienic food and surroundings.

The project has been focusing on four specific departments described as below in the centers:

  • The libraries and their activities in three centers:
  1. New collections in the library:
  • 123 books on Management, Financial Accounting, financial Management, Computer sciences, Marketing and communication and English language from the Asia Foundation 37 of these books were sent to Jalalabad library based on the request and demand of the members.
  • 7 books were gifted to the Kabul library on Health and Hygiene by the ministry of Public Health. During the 3rd quarter we also purchased
  • 25 new sets of Blocks and Toys for the children who are visiting the library of Kabul now on daily bases.
  • The library has subscribed with Weekly newspaper of the ACTIVE YOUTHS we receive 10-15 copies from them and are put into the collection of the library after the members read them
  • Copies of 30 volume of research was also received from AREU in double copies of Dari & English
  • We also received 60 books from AIHRC
  1. Library activities on weekly bases:

During the last quarter we had one day in a week for the children to use the library, but due to increase in the number of the children and their consistent demand we provide them two days in a week to visit library (Mondays & Thursdays) and for general studies they can visit the library on daily basis.

  • The visitors of the library increased from normally 15 visitors to 30 and 35 persons on daily basis, 90% of the visitors are female.
  • The daily visitor record is kept in hard and soft system where we are planning for next year to develop a stronger data base to keep record of the library visitors
  • The members may barrow the books to their homes and they can also utilize the library computer for their assignments as well as their research.
  • The new books from TAF were really liked by the AWPEI students and we get more demand on its utilization.
  • For the membership there has been a registration form which is filled by the visitors and verified by their respected organizations, school or colleges, in order to be given a permanent membership card
  • Children corner: we have two days in a week for children to utilize the library on Mondays students watch Cartoons and some documentary movies and story telling session are arranged
  • On Mondays and Thursdays children are using blocks for development of house and schools and other items and the story telling session with playing the stories on the stage making themselves to teach others what they have learned from the story. Usually, on Mondays and Thursdays we work half day and only children from 8:00 am- 12:30 am in different groups get their sessions and every week best performers get gifts and prices.
  1. Library members: at the moment we have the following figure in our library members
  • In Kabul we have 2223 member (1451 female & 622 male & 150 children).
  • In Jalalabad we have 230 members ( 45 female, 30 male & 155 children)
  • In Ghazni we have 230 member (189 female, 5 male & 36 children)
  1. Library monthly gatherings:

Beside there have been several gatherings arranged for the members, visitors, families (parents) on different issues: 

Summarized list of the gatherings during the period (June 2009-May2010)

No Date Title of Gathering Location No. Participants No. Awarded
1 June 7th 2009 7 minutes Talk NECDO Hall 30p 3p
2 July 25th 2009 Women Rights NECDO Hall 30p 4p
3 Aug 25th 2009 Youths & community NECDO Hall 50p 6p
4 Sep 25th 2009 Sirat competition NECDO Hall 50p 7p
5 Oct 25th 2009 Women & Politics NECDO Hal 60p 3p
6 Nov 25th 2009 Children NECDO Hall 42p 10p
7 Dec 28th 2009 Muharram NECDO Hall 64p 6p
8 Jan 3rd 2010 Reading Contest NECDO Hall 50p 4p
9 Feb 21st 2010 Peace NECDO Hall 54p 12p
10 Mar 2nd 2010 Milad NECDO Hall 50p 8p
11 Apr 21st 2010 Competition NECDO Hall 30Children 8Children
12 May 27th 2010 Reading Contest NECDO Hall 63p 13p
13 Nov 20th 2009 Reading contest FECC Training Hall Jalalabad 45p 10p
14 January 3rd 2010 Best readers FECC Training Hall Jalalabad 50p 12p
15 December 23rd 2009 New year NECDO sub office meeting Hall 56p 7p
16 February 21st 2010 Reading contest NECDO sub office meeting Hall 60p 10p
  1. Jalalabad Library: The library in Jalalabad is a better position now after the 37 books on the Management, Finance Accounting, Marketing and computer science were sent many students from the Teacher higher Institute, Private colleges such as Khurasan, Kardan, Aria and Abasyn are visiting the library and do their study and research during the three months period the number of the members increased from 105 to 150 library members. On daily bases we have 7-12 members visiting our libarary and still we feel there is need of new books collection in Jalalabad especially in English Languages on the topic of management, science, finance and new & modern sciences. Children are 80% of our beneficiaries in Jalalabad and they also enjoy new methods of education such a reading competitions, story telling and development of topics.
  2. Ghazni Library: In Ghazni library although the security is still a big challenge, number of the beneficiaries has increased both adult and young girls are visiting the library and reading the books or borrowing them home for extensive study. Now we have 80 members who are regularly visiting the library and getting literacy & English classes. But extra members only for borrowing books frequently visit the library. We also were asked to increase number of books especially in Dari language. On daily bases we have at least 3-5 outsider visitors from our library beside our daily students.
Total number of beneficiaries in two provinces Jalalabad and Ghazni has reached. 230 members in each centers 
  1. The computer lab & net café:
  • So far in the 3rd quarter the computer department has trained 50 women in (A+ and Hardware), these 50 women upgraded after the completion of Excel and Access programs were completed computer packages during the last 3 months in Kabul. The trainees have been receiving one hour class theory and does a half hour practice on the programs
  • One new comers class as been established for 15 women who have been given training on basic packages of Word and Window by the end of March 2010 they will be upgraded to Excel and Access programs B.  Computer Classes:
No classes Time Number of trainees Remarks
Male Female
1 9:00-10:30 4 16
2 12:00-1:30 Nil 15
3 9:00-10:30 5 19
4 10:30-12:00 13 15
                                                                                                                       Total:65female 22male


Microsoft Word

Day Topic Theoretical Practical Comments

Getting Started

  • The Word environment
  • Toolbars and menus
  • Opening documents
  • Closing documents

20 minutes40 minutes 2Creating and Saving Documents

  • Create and save
  • Using versioning
  • Importing and passwords
  • Saving as information rights manager
  • Sending documents

5 minutes55 minutes 3Editing Documents

  • Finding documents
  • Navigation tools
  • Editing text
  • Undo and redo
  • Select, copy and move
  • The office clipboard

5 minutes55 minutes 4Formatting Text

  • Formatting text
  • Paste text formatting


    • Styles pane
  • Create, edit, delete styles

1050 Minutes

5Using Automatic Text Features

  • Setting preferences
  • Dates, auto text, auto complete
  • Autocorrect and smart tags

5 minutes55 minutes 6Formatting Document Pages

    • Control text flow
    • Vertical alignment
    • Page orientation
    • Headers, footers, numbering
    • Table of contents, index
  • Themes

8 Minutes52 Minutes 7Using Find and Replace

  • Find
  • Replace
  • Go to

Using Proofing Tools

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Thesaurus


5 minutes55 minutes 8Taking Control of Your Documents

  • Comments
  • Track, accept, reject changes
  • Compare and merge
  • Reading layout and research
  • Compare side-by-side


1050 9Printing Documents, Envelopes and Labels

  • Print preview
  • Envelopes and labels
  • Mail merge

Using Shared Workspaces

  • Shared
  • Create
  • Update
  • Assign tasks
  • Delete

10 minutes50 minutes 10Working with Graphics

  • Graphics and drawing
  • Clipart
  • Pictures from files
  • Linking vs. Embedding

5 minutes55 minutes 11

  • Auto shapes and word art
  • Charts
  • Working with columns
  • Newsletter columns
  • Parallel columns

1050 12Working with Tables

  • Creating
  • Modifying
  • Formatting
  • Automating

Working with Templates

  • Existing templates
  • Creating
  • Editing
  • Downloading
  • Deleting
  • Wizards

10 minutes50 minutes 13 


25 minutes35 minutes10 hours

Microsoft Excel 2003

Day Topic Theoretical Practical Comments
1 Starting Ms Excel

  • understanding user interface
  • Navigating user interface


  • spreadsheet uses
  • toolbars and menus
  • moving around
20 minutes 40 minutes
2 Creating Workbooks

  • Opening new workbooks
  • Entering data
  • Commenting and saving

Modifying Worksheets

    • Opening worksheets
    • Add and delete worksheets
    • Insert and delete cells
  • Worksheet data

Formatting Worksheets

  • Width and height
  • Numeric formats
  • Alignment of data
  • Naming cells and ranges
  • Naming constants
  • Creating lists
  • *Auto filter
  • *Designated lists
5 minutes 55 minutes
3 Printing Workbooks

    • Print options
    • Printing and hiding data
  • Headers and footers

Working with Formulas

  • Creating formulas
  • Relative and absolute
  • External references
  • Named constants

Working With Basic Functions

10 minutes 50 minutes
4 Enhancing Worksheets

    • Fonts and merging
    • Rotate and indent borders
    • Shading and format painter
    • Rename and color worksheet
  • Working with pictures

Using Templates, Styles and Auto formats

  • Templates
  • Auto form
  • Smart documents
10 minutes 50 minutes
5 Charts

  • Chart terminology
  • Chart wizard
  • Formatting charts
  • Inserting images
  • Printing charts
20 minutes 40 minutes
6 Finding and Replacing DataFile search

Find and replace

Importing and Exporting Data

Import from Word

Delimited data

Import from the web

Exporting data

5 minutes 55 minutes
7 AutoFilter

    • Show all
  • Advance Filter

Using Multiple Worksheets

  • Consolidation


10 minutes 50 minutes
8 Working with Advanced Functions

  • If
  • Time
  • Date and time
  • Lookup

Formulas and Text

  • Compare text
  • Concatenation
  • Special characters
15 minutes 45 minutes
9 Pivot Table

  • Pivot table


    • Recording a macro
    • Macro menus
  • Global macros
5 minutes 55 minutes
10 ConclusionCustomization


Creating your own shortcut

25 minutes 35 minutes 10 Hours

Microsoft PowerPoint

Day Topic Theoretical Practical Comments

Starting Ms PowerPoint

  • Exploring the interface
  • Toolbars and menu
  • Viewing presentation
  • Navigation
  • Editing slide text
  • Saving a presentation

20 minutes40 minutes

2Formatting text slides.

  • Formatting text
  • Aligning text
  • Spacing and indents

Working with table & chart.

  • Creating a table
  • Formatting tables
  • Ms word tables
  • Bar charts
  • Editing data and chart type
  • Ms excel chart

10 minutes50 minutes 3Adding organization Charts & Diagrams

  • Creating a new chart
  • Updating a chart
  • Chart layout
  • Diagram

Adding Images to a presentation

  • Clipart Add edit pictures
  • Auto shapes
  • Word Art
  • Picture from files

15 minutes

45 minutes 4Adding special affect

  • Sounds
  • Background music
  • Movies
  • Animation
  • Emphasis
  • Setting a motion path
  • Ordering effects
  • Transition

Creating Templates

  • Designing templates
  • Slide master
  • Custom bullets
  • Adding a footer
  • The notes master
  • Saving templates

5 minutes55 minutes 5Creating web presentation

  • Group home pages
  • Hyperlinks
  • Publishing as webpage

Collaborating in PowerPoint

  • Password protection
  • Comments
  • Sending for review
  • Merge revised copies

5 minutes55 minutes 6Preparing to deliver a presentation

  • Checking spelling
  • Research task pane
  • Arranging slides
  • Speaker notes
  • Sending notes
  • Sending to ms word
  • Packing for CD

Delivering a presentation

  • Hyper linking
  • Action button
  • Custom shows
  • Annotating
  • Narrations
  • Timing, Repeating

20 minutes40 minutes 7Printing

  • Printing a slides
  • Printing handouts
  • Printing speaker notes
  • Printing an outline

Modifying Environment

  • Modifying environment
  • Modifying display
  • Modifying toolbar

5 minutes55 minutes 8Conclusion

    • Customization
    • Option
  • Creating your own shortcut

25 minutes35 minutes8 hours

Microsoft Access

Day Topic Theoretical Practical Comments

Starting Ms Access

  • Understanding user interface
  • Understanding of Database
  • Navigating user interface

20 minutes40 minutes 2Database Fundamentals

  • What is a database?
  • Understanding database design
  • System overview
  • Analyze current system
  • Define data elements
  • Normalization
  • Establish relationships
  • Testing and review
  • Naming conventions

 10 minutes50 minutes 3Creating Databases

  • Creating a new database
  • Office online    

Creating Tables

  • Creating tables
  • Design view
  • The table wizard
  • Tables by inputting data

5 minutes55 minutes 4

Working with Table Records

  • Editing records
  • Display settings
  • The find feature
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Copying tables 

Creating Relational Databases

  • Keys
  • Table relationships
  • Object dependencies

5 minutes55 minutes 5

Using Select Queries

  • What are queries?
  • Creating select queries
  • Using the query wizard working with results
  • Query criteria    

Calculations in Your Queries

  • Performing calculations
  • Duplicate records

10 minutes50 minutes

6Creating Forms and Controls

  • Auto form
  • Form wizard
  • Working with controls
  • Control properties
  • Form properties
  • Printer forms
  • Adding a sub form
  • Adding headers & footers         

Creating and Using Reports

  • Auto report
  • Using the report wizard
  • Report sections
  • Controls & properties

5 minutes55 minutes 7Enhancing Forms and Reports

  • Using autoformat
  • Special effects
  • Opening a form on startup
  • Adding graphics
  • Autocorrect & error checking
  • Switchboards

15 minutes45 minutes 8Working with External Data

  • Exporting data
  • Importing external data
  • Linking to external data 

Adding Security

  • Passwords
  • Encryption & decryption

5 minutes55 minutes 9Manipulating the screen display

  • Multiple panes
  • More screen options                 


  • Customization
  • Option
  • Creating your own shortcut       

20 minutes40 minutes9 hours

  • English Classes:
  • The same number of trainees, from computer classes, is studying in English Language department in Kabul. We have begun with implementation of the program sent by Ms. Luaryn which we found very effective for the language students during the 3rd quarter they have been upgraded after the tests have been given in written and oral.

English Classes:

No Time Number of trainees Remarks
Male Female
1 9:30-11:00 9 15
2 1:00-2:30 6 12
3 8:30-10:00 10 7
                                                                                                                  Total: 59
  • In Jalalabad we have the same 42 trainees learning English language and are promoted to the third level of the INTERCOM course, almost all of our trainees are from 10- 17 years old girls & boys, they have been given extra curriculum activities they student are now able to read small English stories and comic books

English Classes in Jalalabad:

No Time Number of trainees Remarks
Male Female
1 9:30-11:00 4 10
2 1:00-2:30 0 14
3 8:30-10:00 7 7
                                                                                                                Total: 42
  • In Ghazni the number increased to 74 students in the English language department where two classes of beginner and two levels of one are going on, this number has increased by the end of schools examinations.
  • English Classes in Ghazni:
No Time Number of trainees Remarks
Male Female
1 11:00- 12:30 Nil 22 Level one
2 1:00- 2:30 Nil 24 Level Two
3 8:30-10:00 26 Beginner
  1. literacy classes:

In Jalalabad we still work with 24 women in literacy who have been upgraded to the second level of the literacy program, and 30 children in school catch up program which is part of literacy for younger.

Catch up class & Literacy Classes in Jalalabad:

No of classes Time Number of trainees Remarks
Male Female
1 1:00-2:30 18
2 2:00-3:30 8 10
3 8:00-9:30 10 8
  • In Ghazni we have 62 women the literacy program as beneficiaries our staff in both provinces is trying hard to convince the community to take more active part in the literacy program and the English language classes.
  1. Literacy Classes:
No Time Number of trainees Remarks
Male Female
1 9:00-10:30 Nil 18
2 10:30-12:00 25
3 8:30-10:00 19

Which objectives of the project were achieved? How?

Achievements in Library section:

  1. During the Period of June 2009 to May 2010 the turn out for library membership has been high. Rapid increase in the number of our library member has been very visible. We had around 2223 Kabul, 230 Jalalabad and 230 Ghazni outsider visitors as well 230 students of AWPEI who are doing their assignments in professional fields on daily basis in the library. The reason behind increase in number of members is the hard work of our librarian Ms. Friba Hamidi who works hard and sincerely provides services which she has paid towards the library. As well the taste that we have hired a building close to several private universities such as Kateb, Armaghan, Dunya and Kabul universities made it convenient to the students to take advantages of Nazo Ana library.
  2. We have also launched 12 gatherings for publicity of the libraryin Kabul 2 gatherings in Jalalabad and 2 gatherings in Ghazni. We have been distributing gifts and admiring our best readers. Better classrooms and bigger compound had its impact on the increase of number. More interest & participation of library members in activities is our achievement and showing improvements in our programs.
  3. We could successfully arrange a 3 day TOT training to the Kabul and provincial staff (Ghazni and Jalalabad) where they have been given trainings on methodoogy, ways how to keep books and develop a database for the books. The capacity building workshop for Kabul and provincial staff A two day workshop on TOT was planned for the 14th and 15th of October for Kabul, Ghazni and Jalalabad Nazo Ana Library project staff (three female staff from Ghazni and two from Jalalabad and 6 people from Kabul).

The workshop was successfully conducted on the dates, the sessions were held according to the modern methodologies.

For better outcome and providing quality education to the community and beneficiaries of the Nazo Ana library NECDO decided to conduct a two day workshop for Kabul and Provincial staff. Representatives in the two provinces were informed to make preparations for travel to Kabul, on 14th in the morning the provincial staff arrived and after a short rest were taken to the training hall already arranged.

The staff was in three categories:


  1. Feriba Hamidi –Kabul
  2. Nadia – Ghazni
  3. Zuhra Kakar – Jalalabad

English Language and Literacy Trainers:

  1. Masooma- Ghzani
  2. Dr. Huma – Jalalabad
  3. Mozhgan- Ghazni
  4. Qudsia- Kabul
  5. Nooria – Kabul

Professional and advanced English and Computer:

  1. Salman Jawid
  2. Ahmad Anid Sadat
  3. Ab. Mobin
  4. Madina Khilwati

The training was facilitated by Ms. Jamila Afghani and Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar and a session was facilitated by Ms. Feriba Hamidi on the formats and documentation of libraries.

The hand out was already developed by Mr. Kakar and copies were made for the participants, slide for multimedia were also prepared and the set ups had been done for the hall and accommodation for the provincial staff and their Mahrams.

All logistic arrangements were complete, food staff was prepared for the tea breaks and lunch was ordered to Rose Restaurant.

On 14th at 9:30 the workshop was opened by the recitation of Holy Quran and opening speeches from Ms. Jamila Afghani the director and Mr. Rauf Ahmadi from CW4W in Afghanistan. Later the introduction was done and the workshop began with its first session of what makes a good session.

The workshop had its normal flow on the second day with lots of activities where the categories were divided to the teaching (training) group and the librarians. The seminar was successfully concluded at 4:30 pm on 15th of October with an evaluation, post test and the distribution of certificates by the director of NECDO and Mr. Ahmadi the Representative of Cw4w in Afghanistan.


After the pre test and the SWOT analysis we found that the provincial staff needed a lot of effort for their capacity to be built both academically and pedagogically, therefore, we put a lot of pressure during the training sessions to enhance their already existed abilities and awaken them with our methodologies.

Although, the time had been very limited, still there has been a lot change in the attitude and behavior and knowledge of the staff for all categories.

During the last day staff presentations we found that these people have the ability to bring good changes in their working habits soon.

The trainees should be followed up time to time and feed back should be given, a second workshop should be designed in the period of three months where much role should be given to the trainees in order to facilitate sessions.

  1. Beside traditional filling system which contains hard copy of the documents we have a soft copy of all related supporting documents of Nazo Ana library in a proper data base in Kabul as well in Ghazni province. Beside, that Nazo Ana librarian could also train librarian of FECC in Jalalabad and the copy of data base was given to her as well for following a proper soft data keeping of the library. It was also checked time to time by the librarian and she was advised them for correction and improvement.
  2. Around 24 times visual classes have been utilized for the visitors inside the library during reporting period, however, now we don’t allow them to take CD’s with them home as before because in the past our CD’s were damaged when they were taking them home.
  3. Nazo Ana library has worked on a photo gallery consist of 100 pictures A4 size put into the frames, these photos are developed from the various activities of Nazo Ana library and NECDO activities inside and outside the centers, the photos are put into display in the library and other departments as well.
  4. Children have been given certain hours on daily basis to visit the library and have a special corner for their activities

   Direct beneficiaries count as outcomes of the project activities:

Activities Location Female Male Children Total
Library member Kabul 1451 622 150 2223
Library member Jalalabad 45 30 155 230
Library member Ghazni 189 5 36 230
Total of participants in gatherings Kabul 100 50 21 171
Computer classes Kabul 52 13 65
English classes Kabul 34 25 59
English classes Jalalabad 31 11 42
English classes Ghanzi 74 Nil Nil 74
Literacy classes Jalalabad 36 18 54
Literacy classes Ghazni 62 Nil Nil 62
Outsider visitor Kabul 345 60 43 448
Outsider visitor Jalalabad 78 43 50 171
Outsider visitor Ghazni 30 9 43 82
Daily visitor Kabul 25 10 10 45
Daily visitor Jalalabad 3 1 5 9
Daily visitor Ghazni 2 0 5 7
Gift receiver Kabul 17 5 50 72
Gift receiver Jalalabad 2 Nil 20 22
Gift receiver Ghazni Nil Nil 25 25
New books Kabul 755
New children toys Kabul 25 sets
New books Jalalabad 537
New books Ghazni 520


Reading Competitions: 

For motivation of library members we have been using to arrange competition among our book’s readers. These kinds of contests are very positive to encourage the culture of reading among Afghan women. Nazo Ana library which has always meant to spread the culture of reading among the Afghan women has decided to make a series of competitions among the members of the library majority of who are women.

On monthly basis questions have been composed and pasted in the announcement board for a period of one week during which the members read the questions and find the answers, next the date for the competition is fixed and a gathering is called, the competition is conducted in three rounds. The member who answers more questions wins the competition and is rewarded by the library.

Volunteers for Library & Net cafe: 

Ms. Samira and Madina trainees of AWPEI who had been working as volunteer for the net café have been granted an amendment letter by NECDO to work as authorized in charge for the net café as well providing assistance in arrangements of computer classes with professional trainers of AWPTI and shooting the troubles. Beside the mentioned activities they are responsible to provide net training to students of AWPTI and other women from community.

Ms. Madina has also been helping with the database for the

What strategies and methodologies did you use to achieve the objectives of the project?

NECDO has chosen the following methodology for the achievement of project objectives:

  • Motivation of library members through distribution of gifts among best readers
  • Motivation of staff with a better salary from joining both projects for better implementation of the project activities
  • Better management by linking the similar activities to support each other on going activities
  • Developing a friendly environment to get everyone take part in implementation of the project
  • Kept the library and net café open for all members as well outsider visitors from the community
  • Guided the youths to design programs and gathering in a way which could be more beneficial to their capacity and knowledge built up
  • Provided safe and pleasuring environment for the members so they could feel calm and confident to understand their responsibilities and work harder
  • We motivate the students & library members which give them more encouragement for conducting more activities. In this way the hidden capacity of youths being polished.
  • Children have been given special attention during this year activities, and we have seen much positive changes in the behavior of the children turning towards the books and blocks instead of wasting their times on the roads doing nothing and involvement of their mothers with their children activities in the library and they were also benefited from the resources of the library

To what extent were the project objectives achieved or changed. If changes were made, mention reasons why changes were necessary

There have been three major changes during the first quarter and afterward there was no change:

  1. Delays in the commencement of the project in Jalalabad and Ghazni. We begin our activities in Jalalabad from July 1st and that was mainly due to the unavailability of funds and security issue due to elections.
  2. The second issue is about Jalalabad target beneficiaries where so far families only send their children we have very few turn out in the part of women. I hope our performance will make families realized that Nazo Ana will be a good source of information there. We also plan to arrange more gatherings with children’s parents in order to encourage their mothers, sisters to join the library activities.
  3. there is change in the budget line from what we proposed in the part of Ghazni & Jalalabad:
  • The rooms rent were expected to be $90/month but we agreed on $100/month for two rooms in both provinces.
  • In Jalalabad we have 2 female workers the one is in charge of library and also takes literacy classes and the other who is also in charge of library teach English Language as well and we pay them both $150/month which becomes $300/month. In The proposed budget line we had $260/month, there has been timing difference in classes
  • From the other side there will be reduction of expenses of two months in Ghazni and a month in Jalalabad which will be sum of $780/—-
  • There was also a short time during 2009 the H1N1 caused to halt our activities for about a month and the ministry of education issue a notice for all the educational institutions to stop their activities until they allow.
  • NECDO due to enlargement of scope and variation in activities and the decision by NEC Board of Director and NGOs law NEC has been given a new name by the ministry of economy under the title NECDO (Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization), future dealings will be under the title NECDO

Did you encounter any human, financial, political, administrative or technical obstacles in the implementation of this project? How did they impact on the project?

The rental house has been one of the problems, the owners have been dealing very harshly and they increased the rent unexpectedly (additional 1000USD), that is why we were reluctant to leave the house in Karte Sakhi and shift to Karte Seh and now as one year is completing we have been facing another raise in rent, in result of which we have to move to a place of suitable rent cost which is a risk of losing our beneficiaries in the area of work, in addition due to the shifting the furniture and other items break down partially are totally damage. I hope in future we can find a permanent place of NECDO own where Nazo Ana Library is established for the durable service of the Afghan women

Are you satisfied by the results of this project? How did you measure the results? Please explain the methodology (ies) used to measure results (quantitative/qualitative analysis, participatory evaluation, subjective assessment, etc.), the data sources, and the baseline data. 

NECDO has been satisfied with the result of the activities during the year 2009-2010 and has worked according to work plan. We, therefore, could make some additional activities. We have increased the number of members who are our beneficiaries and during each month we arrange two gatherings and run competitions among participants and distribute presents to the best participants. Establishing an important wing of NECDO its Capacity Building Department which runs the educational activities and we have combined three activities in that department. Combining the educational activities under an umbrella has reduced burden of work now with little resources, little human resource we can work. From the other side NECDO is not charging higher salary on the projects than we faced a lot of turn over in our staff, joining two projects made our staff to have better pays and we had less turn over as well.

What effect has this initiative had on your on-going programming? Please mention some key lessons learned.

Bringing interlink in projects was a successful step in our management and now NECDO mange all the activities under three main sections and each section may have different projects as NECDO Capacity Building Department has only educational activities which is consists of two major projects ( NALANC & AWPTI)

The creation of a competitive environment and reward for the members has had good effects on the programming, our publicity has gotten stronger. We receive many requests for volunteerism from the members and the visitors of the library.

Our staff now does not need to walk around in the schools, colleges or the university to find members for the library. Students of AWPTI (Afghan Women Professional Training Institute) have been very enthusiastic and eager to be members of the library where these girls find a safe and pleasant atmosphere to learn and read a book or do a research on a topic.          

How do you assess the financial expenditures on this project? 

Due to Afghan culture and gender bias in our community , mostly Afghan family prefer better education and spending many on their sons rather to their daughters. NALANC & AWPTI both projects have been successful to provide an opportunity of empowerment for women who are ignored and forgotten. More than all professional training after providing them basic English & computer classes for women where women can get better job opportunities and can work in key positions. When, women can come in key position than they can take step in decision making of the community and in policy level.

What follow-up activities are envisaged?

  • NECDO has its internal monitoring procedure that the project coordinator is responsible for daily monitoring and beside that NECDO key staff also and beside that we are lucky to have for the first time External Evaluation and Monitoring by cooperation of Cw4w and I hope a copy of the report will be given to us for farther improvement and development.
  • We use our internal meetings with the staff and in charge of the library and the external meetings with parents and during the gatherings and competitions to follow up our activities and see the effectiveness of the programs. We also developed a policy & procedure for monitoring and evaluation which helped us in carrying out monitoring and evaluation activities.
  • We also take meetings with beneficiaries and get information about the ongoing activities. So far NECDO was not organized in proper monitoring & evaluation but soon we are developing M&E policies.
  • We have been asking our library member through questionnaires about their demands for the specific books which they want us to add in the library.

At the end of each project we will have a monitoring and evaluation report as well, which will be shared with you. 

Kindly add comments that you may feel would assist us in learning lessons from this project for the future.

    • Personally, as head of the organization when I see that small initiatives make positive change in social life of a nation that spends all the time in terror, in insecurity and instability, I wish politicians could understand that how much it’s important to promote positive attitude and activities for a nation who are fade up with all fighting and they really need to enjoy their life and move towards development.
    • Small activities with very less amount of expenditures are more fruitful for the community and which helps them to get more aware of their life and current affairs. Women’s empowerment is a very crucial step in all our activities. We see that those women are shy not talking in the first days after a passage of time they are more talented and more energetic. Some times we feel how much unjust has been to talented women of this nation to suppress their energies.
    • The other point which make me very upset that how much our children are deprived of their basic rights to play, to enjoy and to grow with brightness. While activities on Thursdays children do not want to go home and want to stay longer. Even the youngest child does the best work among all. My own son three times in a day go to library borrow books and now he is more than any other child of his age responsible and talented because he has the educational & growth environment but most of children of this country is deprived of all these resources.
    • I really recommend for Cw4w to expand such initiatives of library and a part of library for children, NECDO will be always volunteer to train others in this regard and from what we have learned so far.
    • The educational project of this kind will have long term effect in behavior and moral building and promoting capacities among youths, women & children
    • With all security problems in Afghanistan especially in Ghazni people still have hope for a better future. The activities we have in Ghazni women are showing a lot of interest to join the classes although they received many treats from their family member due to fear of Taliban. One of the issue which has made daily life very confused because during day Government is ruling and during night Taliban is ruling and therefore, the same people are working with government & Taliban
    • The on job training for jalalabad staff was very good step where they all shared their information and experience and we gave constructive feedback. This made us to learn more how to help our project staff for better result achievements.
    • In conservative communities’ children is a good tool to mobiles their family members, as in Jalalabad after our announcement only children came to our center but conveying massage through their children now we could have women joining our literacy classes.
    • In Jalalabad for attracting females attention to education there is need of some additional activities for women such as baking, cooking, designing, fashion and others.
    • Showing the path for a woman is showing the way for a family and enlightenment of youths are giving strength to the back bone of a nation. The way youths of library get involvement, their capacity is growing and the positive change of attitude of them give us hope towards a democratic society.
    • Education is the key element which helps people to have better light, and to understand norms of life in democratic and prosperous conditions. If we all are sincere to Afghan women we need to help them with education and up grading their knowledge. Women due to lack of education can not take part in important occasions in the family as well as community therefore; they remain as a second citizen of our country or they are burden to their families.
    • Libraries should not be only store of books but a lively center to produce human resource by different types of encouragement and motivation of youths to bring positive change to their society.
    • Children are the most forgotten individuals in our society there is need of additional work with them through entertainments, and there is very little material available for them in the local languages. There is need to translate some books from Pakistan and English countries for them
    • Working with youths from Kabul University, Sayed Jamaluddin Institute for Teachers and other private institutions’ trainees who are also member of the library has been a successful experience
    • Extension of the project (Nazo Anna Library, computer and English courses) to other areas in Kabul city will cover more women and youth, thus contributing to support larger group of women and children. The library in Ghazni is really a very strong step in the area where the insurgency is getting strong day by day and women need more to be done for.
  • While appreciating your great support we are waiting to receive your comments and feedback on our activities for further improvements. This will not only help us to improve but will provide a chance to learn from your experiences and use your ideas for further achievements.

Thank you Note:

Thank for your generous support in conducting the activities.