1. Background

Afghanistan is a country that has suffered from several tragedies during the last few decades. Here, every person was seeking their own personal benefits in some ways or another and that is the reason that this country remains as under developed country around the world. Afghanistan is the land of boundless opportunities in various aspects like agricultural services, infrastructural facilities, industrial services, private sectors, technological services, etc.

Most of the people of Afghanistan prefer to live in the cities in order to have access to the educational institutes. The people of Afghanistan are also good farmers and majority of the people who live in the districts are farming different things in their farm and through this way they are able to live their lives accordingly.

The people in Afghanistan are mostly using from the public buses because of their cheap fare. However, the public buses are not providing better facilities to the passengers. Instead the bus drivers are allowing over than 25 passengers in a bus which is just for 15 people. Most of the time, the passengers are losing their mobiles and money because of the thieves who are coming inside the buses at the moment of crowd.

Discipline and cleanliness are the most important parts of every individual’s life either it is related to once emotions or the environment. As people live socially related to each other then it is important to focus on their life’s every certain aspects like one of the most important aspect is cleanliness related aspects. Thus, the special focus should be taken towards the health of the people; focus should be there because of many reasons: firstly, the environment’s dirty situation is creating problems to the people. Secondly, the environment affects the individuals’ characters. Hence, for the necessity of better environment both men and women have taken part to answer the 25 questions of the questionnaire papers in order to express their ideas. The ideas that they have given is based on different issues that starts from their basic problems to major problems and satisfaction aspects.

Thus, the objective of this survey is to increase awareness about the prior needs of the people in the country. Unavailability of the toilets is one of the major problems which are faced by the people of Afghanistan and visitors who are coming from far distances to visit Afghanistan for the purpose of sightseeing.

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