Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) is a non-governmental, non-partial and non-political organization, registered with Ministry of Economy in 2002 with INO.95. NECDO was established in January 2001 by a group of volunteers to help and support needy Afghan women, youth and children when Afghan nation was passing from the time- tested moments of its history in Peshawar Afghan Refugee Camps. Almost 15 years back NECDO started from zero and by today we have helped 50000 women to become literate and 2400 empowered as professionally managers & leaders with finding job opportunity in different national & international institutions, 1269 women leaders empowerment in provincial shura, 6000 Imams and hundreds of youths mobilized for EVAW. The each one of our trainees at the moment is working with hundreds of other women in their community. Now we have four well-established offices in Kabul, Ghazni, Ningrhar and Badakhshan and we are working in 15 provinces with Women Shura members on women’s right issues and community leaders & Imams. NECDO has trained more than 2000 teachers in 18 provinces for literacy of children. NECDO’s enhancement from relief to development programs that ensure sustainability in long term for women is the focus point with understanding of gender as cross cutting issue through our program and projects in the strategic plan for 2018