Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar son of Mulawi Mohammad Hanif Kakar was born in 1352 in Nangrahar Province (Located in East of Afghanistan).  After he finished his early studies he got his BA degree in Islamic Law from the Islamic Academy of Science and Technology. He did his Master degree and PH. D in Islamic studies and Sharia Law from Peshawar University in Pakistan. In 1997 he founded an organization by the name of Alfajr in which he helped and trained Afghan youth for about 20 years in Pakistan Refugee camps and within the country (Afghanistan).

In 2003 he joined NECDO (Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization) a national Afghan organization working in Education, Capacity Building, Islam and Human Rights and Peace and Reconciliation.

 In result of his work with Ualama under the RUPR (Role of Ulama for Peace and Reconciliation) he found the Afghanistan Nahdhatul Ulam, (NUA) which is rapidly growing in the country and Ulama from almost 15 provinces of the country have become the members of this organization.

He work for the peace and brotherhood of Muslims and the unity of the Ulama and a durable peace restoration in Afghanistan is one of his noble missions.