Jamila Jamila Afghani is heading NECDO (Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization)    since 2001. NECDO is a nonprofit, local, women NGO registered with Afghan government.

 During the Russian invasion she immigrated to Peshawar Pakistan where she completed  her  secondary and higher education. She has two master degrees in (Sharia Law &  International  relations from Peshawar University)

Ms. Afghani has worked in the field of education since her graduation, serving the Afghan youths (women) in the refugee camps in Peshawar and remained a woman activist defending the rights of women in the light of Islamic law and the international law. She has initiated several fruitful projects for the empowerment of women, youths & children socially, economically in 18 provinces of the country. One of the initive which working with Imams (religious leaders) on human rights and women rights has received international recognition. She has received “religious Peace Maker Award from Tananbaum and many national and international appreciation and award. Professor Sally Kitch from Arizona State University has written a book on her life and successful public relation by using a local method for peace and development