Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) is a non-governmental, non-partial and non-political organization, registered with Ministry of Economy in 2002 with INO.95. NECDO was established in January 2001 by a group of volunteers to help and support needy Afghan women, youth and children when Afghan nation was passing from the time- tested moments of its history in Peshawar Afghan Refugee Camps.

The destructive civil war has had material and spiritual loses for the nation. NECDO started its activities with smallness of means, and greatness of purpose, which is based on the humanitarian and development assistance. We believe that unity, faith, mobilization & empowerment of Afghan community can reduce the miseries of Afghan nation.

During our social activities in the camps, we realized the need for education, capacity building and income generation projects in order to help our nation with sustainable development; specially educating Afghan women, youth and children were the priorities set forth; with the believe that it’s better to light a candle rather than curse the darkness we initiated several projects successfully.

The encouragement of many individuals and organizations for the successful work gave birth to the idea of formal establishment of Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization in 2001. Initial step was taken for collection of donations for drought effected people in Peshawar Afghan Refugee Camps for 7,000 families alongside a tailoring class including literacy for widows and orphans so that they are able to find a tool for earning living cost for themselves. Several awareness workshops & empowerment trainings on gender, human rights, Child Rights Conventions were conducted for several Afghan organizations.

In the part of informal educational activities such as English special classes, literacy education, home schools, Quranic education, vocational training, health education. In addition NECDO initiated Nazo Ana Library for spreading culture of reading among women who currently have been equipped with more than 7,000 books on various topics with other modern library equipment’s with its branches in Kabul, Ghazni, Jalalabad and Badakhshan.

NECDO since 2002 has initiated and implemented projects with a special focus on EVAW such as conducting training and awareness programs (including gender, human rights, Child Rights Conventions, psychosocial and peace education, elimination of violence against women, gender and Islam and Islam and Human Rights), professional training in the field of management, finance, and databases and computer applications, small business training for women).

NECDO’s enhancement from relief to development programs that ensure sustainability in long term for women is the focus point with understanding of gender as cross cutting issue through our program and projects in the strategic plan for 2016.