Major projects conducted by NECDO so far:


  • Establishment of 9 Community Development Groups in Kabul, Kunar and Kandahar
  • One week conference for 200 CDGs in Kabul
  • Conducing a research report from 20 universities from the 4 provinces on sexual harassment in higher education institutions
  • Publicizing 200 minutes of nation wide Radio massages against sexual harassment and its prohibition from Islamic perspective
  • Mobilizing 1600 Imams and women activist to advocate for women political participations in 2014 presidential elections
  • Convening a session on “Importance of Education for women economic empowerment” with Idea New/USAID Nov 2013 in Kabul
  • One day full day training on Islamic Peace Education with Tanenbaum in July 2013
  • Advocacy & networking training for 300 women in Kabul from June – Aug 2013, under KNAHR
  • Gender & Islam training for management staffs of Canadian (WUSC)
  • Two days of trainings for Shelters Managers on Management on 1st & 2nd, October 2013 in coordination with DANNAR
  • Two days of training on management & leadership for Shelter for victims of domestic violence on 1st & 2nd, March 2013 in coordination with DANNAR
  • Leadership & management for
  • Support of KNAHR and its activities during the year 2014
  • Provision of ToT for more than 600 teachers in 15 provinces through “My Afghan Library Project” in 2013
  • Development of Pra legal manual for Provincial council in Dari
  • Women Leadership Training for 300 women from 36 political parties by support of NDI training Units in Oct 2012-March 2013
  • Support of KNAHR and its activities during the year 2013
  • Provision of Training of Trainers (ToT) for more than 600 teachers in 15 provinces through “My Afghan Library Project,” 2013
  • Women Political Leadership Training for 300 women from 36 Afghan political parties by financial support of National Democratic Institute Training Units, 2013
  • Provision of Management, proposal writing, financial management Leadership, & EVAW for 400 women Shura members of Badakhshan province, 2013
  • Provision of peace education & conflict management training for 400 Imams supported by Indonesian Embassy in Kabul, 2013
  • Provision of Capacity building trainings for 200 Imams & 200 women activists on Women’s right from Islamic perspective in Kabul Province by financial support of WISE in Jan- Dec 2013
  • Provision of Gender & Islam trainings for 700 women & girls, 2013 in Kabul province
  • Finalization of NECDO’s strategic Plan for 2013-2015
  • Provision of literacy education for 400 women in Ghazni & 400 women in Ningrhar province, (2013
  • Provision of children library activities in Ghazni & Badakhshan provinces in 2012- 2013
  • Income generation project for 1,000 women through handicraft and tailoring (started in 2000 and ended in 2006)
  • Provision of peace education & conflict management training for 400 Imams supported by Indonesian Embassy in Kabul, 2013
  • Provision of Capacity building trainings for 200 Imams & 200 women activists on Women’s right from Islamic perspective in Kabul Province by financial support of WISE in Jan- Dec 2013
  • Provision of literacy education for 400 women in Ghazni & 400 women in Ningrhar province, (2013)
  • Tailoring (started in 2000 and ended in 2006)
  • Provision of Gender & Islam trainings for 700 women & girls, 2013 in Kabul province
  • Provision of children library activities in Ghazni & Badakhshan provinces in 2012- 2013
  • Income generation project for 1,000 women through handicraft
  • Competent Trainers Training for 900 female teachers (started in 2001 and ended in 2011), Ghazni, Kabul and Ningrhar
  • Awareness workshops on Gender from Islamic perspective, CRC, Human Rights, Women’s Rights from Islamic perspective (started in 2001 with periodic recurring sessions. We have given awareness packages to around 20,200 women and men
  • Establishment and expansion of Nazo Ana Library (started in 2001 and continued to date)
  • Establishment of 4 libraries in four provinces each 7,000 books and educational martials
  • English language, computer and internet training for women and children for more than 12,000 (started in 2001 and continued to date)
  • Food for education program/artificial flower making (started in 2003 and ended in 2003) for 8000 women, Kabul city
  • Literacy catch up program (started in 2004 and continued to date). We have served more than 10,000 women in literacy classes in Kabul (third district, 12th districts, 6th districts, and 9 districts in Ghazni Province)
  • Initiating Psychosocial and Peace Education for Elimination of Violence Against Women (started in 2004 with periodic recurring sessions) in Kabul & Ghazni Province.
  • Initiating Imams Committees for Elimination of Violence Against Women Project (started in 2013 time with periodic recurring sessions)
  • Establishment and leadership of Karama Network of Advocacy & Human Rights (KNAHR) (started in 2012 and continued to date)
  • Establishment of Afghan Women Professional Educational Institute (AWPEI) started in 2006 continued to date) where we have graduated 876 women with higher & professional education and we have worked for their employment, and there is 99% employment opportunities for the trainees
  • TOT for school teachers in Pashto language, peace education (started in 2006 with periodic recurring sessions) we have trained 2000 women and men in this field
  • TOT in Small Business Training (stated in 2006 for a group of


Main Area of Activities:

  • Capacity Building that includes: (1) Literacy & Catch up program for women & children; (2) Quranic Education; (3) Income generation programs for women; (4) CRC; (5) Human rights and women’s right awareness; (6) Peace education, Psychosocial, conflict resolutions workshops; (7); Library; (8) Computer, networking; (9) Overall Management; (10); Accountancy & financial management; (11); Leadership; (12) Community mobilization trainings; (13); TOT, Master trainers training & teacher trainings; (14) Data base training; (15) Communication Skills; (16) Presentation skills; (17) Advance English language program; (18) Business Training for women; (19) Professional Higher Education in management, finance accounting and IT; and (20) Librarians training.
  • Advocacy and Networking that includes: (1) Elimination of violence against women through awareness raising and campaigns and media work Jalalabad, Kabul & Ghazni; (2) Youth committees for Elimination of violence against women in Kabul universities and Ghazni high schools; (3) Publication of Newsletter “Baztab e Noor” (Reflection of the light); (4)“Karama Network of Advocacy & Human Rights” initiative and leading by NECDO; and (5) Conducting surveys and assessments for EVAW. We also working on advocacy for a safe educational & work environment for all by conducting research report and advocacy inititives
  • Vocational Training and Income Generation that includes: (1) (Tailoring and handicraft training; (2) Artificial flower making; (3) Handicraft and tailoring production and marketing; and (4) participation in exhibitions.

Building and Construction:

  1. NECDO since establishment has constructed one social center of 4 rooms and one grand hall of gathering in Kacha Garhi camp of Refugees in Peshawar in 2001 where hundreds of Afghan refugee youths were trained and given the facilities to read books and have catch up classes, also a mosque in Behsood was built district of Ningarhar province where hundreds of people from the village of Charmesa are taking its advantage with prayers and getting lesson on Quranic teachings
  2. Construction of a form house in Ningrhar – Bahsood for villagers to be trained professionally for better productive. The construction was done by support of CNFA/USAID.
  3. Construction of a mosque in But Khak is going on since 2013.

Construction of Women Toilet in the main road of Jalalabad to Kabul and Kabul to Badakhshan by financial support of Global Fund for Women and Invest in Muslim Fund in March 2014


NECDO Core Values: we keep in mind the following points while project design & project implementation:

Professionalism & transparency- The core part of developmental activities that lead to achieve selected goals is professionalism in transparent manner. NECDO is in the process to change its direction toward developmental activities where empowerment of the community and the sustainability of the projects are ensured. Therefore, NECDO being a local NGO strives to implement its activities and provide services that ensure professionalism.  We are committed to endeavor to the values that are essential to the development of human resources and economic growth of the county. We believe that it is steady process and we struggle to achieve the highest standards both in our office environment and in our projects in the field. We have kept records of management and finance through the period of ten years and we do have audit reports of expenses in excess of $20,000. Human Rights & gender as cross cutting issue: each individual in a society has rights and obligations to strive for living life in comfort and peace with equal access to resources & opportunities of empowerment. NECDO has played a positive role in reduction of violence against women in the light of Islamic values & Afghan government ratified conventions. NECDO is committed to support Afghan women who are the severe victim of wars and social injustice through its guidelines of “gender policy”. We believe that if Afghan community is mobilized and their trust is built than it is easy to bring changes in their behaviors and give them option for a better and prosperous life. Therefore we strive to have 70% of chances for women & 30% of chances for male through all program and projects up to 2015.


Capacity Building- NECDO is committed to improve the capacity of human resources within the country that ensure participation of women in reconstruction of Afghanistan. So that women resume full responsibilities toward developmental activities for both improvement of themselves and their country. Culture sensitivity- “ think globally- act locally” is the methodology, which we use in our activities. One of the important elements in shaping Afghanistan political and social scenario has been cultural values which are miss interpreted by those having influence in community.  NECDO as a nongovernmental organization, non-profit and nonpolitical organization is committed to respect people’s perceptions and at the same time try to convince them for a positive change that is critical for their social and economic wellbeing. This policy has given strength to NECDO to work in the grassroots level and get community’s trust and cooperation. Advocacy and Networking- in the context of Afghanistan, advocacy and networking important tools for mobilizing the community and networking with other stakeholders for bringing positive changes in the status and behavior of Afghan community including men and women. NECDO found advocacy a very positive approach in EVAW. NECDO also sees networking as a practical way to reach larger groups of people and share experience with sister organizations. We believe that mobilizing Afghan community for change is possible but requires time, patience and hard work. Collaboration– NECDO strives to work as a team inside the organization and with those sister Organizations that aim to bring positive changes in the statues of women and the Afghan community as a whole. Specifically at this moment while Afghanistan is passing through a tumultuous time, there is a great need for coordination of activities in order to be more effective and get best use of time and money for a developed and peaceful Afghanistan. One of the strongest points that NECDO believes in is the sense of brotherhood and cooperation that can lead us to achieve our goals.


NECDO’s Structure (Organogram)


Board Members: The board members  (G.B) are key stick holders who will supervise, monitor and guide the Executive Director for professional management NECDO program & project without any economical benefits. The duration of the position is for two years. This position is volunteer and they have vote power on decisions

Management team: Executive Director is working under direct supervision of the Board Members, and she up date them about activities through board meeting which holds at least 4 times in a year. She is responsible for over all management of program and projects, She supervises the management team based on their job description.

Reporting system: NECDO staff is mandated to have monthly report where the supervisors compile the project reports into one departmental report. Each department will have their monthly reports as well as work plans to form annual organization work plan.  The program coordinator develops quarterly report of activities and the Executive Director develops annual reports where all activities are produced in in details that will include a summary of financial report. Reports are submitted to donors depending on the terms and conditions agreed in the project contracts or agreements.

Monitoring and evaluation– Finally, in order to track progress and enhance learning and quality, an effective system of monitoring and evaluation that includes assessment of on-the-ground results is needed, developing such a monitoring and evaluation system is possible when NECDO has the required budget. However, NECDO monthly, quarterly and annual reports prepare the ground for the timely correction of the problems during implementation of the projects. Thus giving NECDO an overview of the progress made in project sites on implementation of the planned activities in line with NECDO program strategy. We also conduct annual general assembly where NECDO overall activities are presented to the staff members and members of NECDO Board of Directors and Advisory Board members who then give their comments on the improvement of activities.

Our Goal is to raise awareness and mobilize Afghans to eliminate differences (discrimination) and work for peace

NECDO’s Objectives:

  • To empower women, youths, through capacity building as professional leaders for key position
  • To mobilize community influenecial leaders (women and men) and building their capacity as advocates of human rights and women’s rights
  • To Empower Afghan women and youths towards sustainable life and economic empowerment
  • To conduct advocacy for a just society through networking and advocacy

NECDO’s Principles: Transparency, Impartiality, Unity, & Friendly relation with other sister organization


Strategic Directions for 2014-2016

Enhancing to create an environment in Afghanistan where women & men effectively contribute to better society. The strategy is intended to establish an enabling environment that will foster initiatives for changing women’s living conditions, poverty reduction, women political participation, and access of women to rule of law. This strategy rests on a basic process that involves working with others (donors, community, like minded organizations, and government institutions)

Goal No. 1: (Advocacy): To enhance for EVAW using the concepts of excellence program through organizing projects for social justice & political participation by utilizing influential community leaders, Policy makers, Imams, and teachers by mobilizing community. Focusing on “tipping point” phenomenon, which is becoming rapidly and dramatically more common; it can be defined as the culmination of a build-up of small changes that produces a big change. The tipping point, or “turning point,” is the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and often irreversible development. Goal No2. (Capacity Building): To Build capacities of women, youths through innovative initiations in affordable and accessible ways to professional skills and leadership in order to produce professional Human resources for Afghanistan. According to the “ink blot” theory of social change, initial success among innovators and early adopters provides the momentum for the innovation to spread from urban to rural areas over time, much like an ink blot spreads on a piece of paper. Goal No3. Women Economic Empowerment: To empower women’s decision making role for key position in national & international institutions & enhancement for poverty reduction through income generation & self -sustainable projects. Researches has shown that when women comprise 30 percent of a company or organization’s leadership, the company/organization is more successful as measured by productivity, profitability and sustainability indicators. When a critical mass of women in senior management is attained, companies also score higher 

Cross Cutting Themes: 1. Work all over Afghanistan, with emphasis on gender equality, leadership skills and human rights 2. Focusing on strategic partnership with Int. partners, women organizations, civil society and government based the established foundation in the past decade by women activist in order to promote joint initiatives of media, advocacy & networking

List of donors

  • Indonesian Embassy in Kabul
  • Counter Part International/USAID
  • SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation for Afghanistan)
  • Scholastic International – US Embassy
  • GIZ/ GM
  • Rights & Democracy (R&D)
  • American Friends Service Committees (AFSC)
  • Canadian Women for Afghan Women (CW4W in Afghanistan)
  • Relief International
  • World Food Program
  • United Nation Fund for Women
  • Rockefeller
  • Association For women International Development (AWID)
  • Global Fund for Women
  • Global Fund for Muslim Women Advancement
  • Global Peace Mission of Malaysia
  • Malaysia Relief Agency
  • Indonesian Embassy


18. Few of NECDO projects conducted so far:

S/No Project title Goal & Objectives Project location Number of beneficiaries Project donor Project duration/ year Total grant
1 Afghan Women Voting Outreach Program Enhancement for women to get in political participation for the up coming lections Kabul, Ningrhar, Parwan, Wardak, Balkh, Takhar, BadakhshanHerat 800 Imams800 women SDC Dec 013-March 2014 $1,21000
2 My Afghan Library Project extension
  • Provision of ToT for 600 teachers in 15 provinces
  •  and M&E from 15 provinces schools
Kabul, Ghazni, Ningrhar, Panjsheer, Helmand, Kandahar, Bamyan, Kunduz, Takhar, Parwan, Kunnar, Laghman, Mazar, Badakhshan Scholastic International Dec 2013- Nov 2014 $1,51000
3 My Afghan Library Project
  • Provision of ToT for 600 teachers in 15 provinces
  •  and M&E from 15 provinces schools
Kabul, Ghazni, Ningrhar, Panjsheer, Helmand, Kandahar, Bamyan, Kunduz, Takhar, Parwan, Kunnar, Laghman, Mazar, Badakhshan 600 direct6000 indirect Scholastic – US Embassy 10 months2013 $1.43,000
4 Imam Initiative Training Project
  • Development of booklet
  • 200 Imam & 200 women Capacity building
Kabul 5000400 WISE 8 Months2013 $1,17000
  • Establishment of HR network and a advocacy Unit
Kabul 30010,000 SDC 12 months2013 $1,79,000
6 Volunteer Network of Imams for Peace & EVAW
  • A network for peaceful Afghanistan
Kabul, Ghazni, Ningrhar, Panjsheer, Helmand, Kandahar, Bamyan, Kunduz, Takhar, Parwan, Kunnar, Laghman, Mazar, Badakhshan 200 scholars Indonesian Embassy 12 months2013 $58,000
7 Development of Women Shura’s leadership potential
  • Management & proposal writing, financial management, leadership Trainings for 400 women of Shuras


Badakhshan (4 districts) 400 women leaders GIZ-Rule of Law 12 months $10,10000
Capacity Building for Afghan local NGO
  • Training for 21 local NGOs on proposal writing, management, financial management
Kabul 500 USAID/CDP 8 months $70,000
8 Safe Environment (Sexual Harassment in higher educational institutions)
  • Working together for a safe educational environment
1st phase complete 10 civil society organization GTZ (German)& AIHRC Two & half years
9 English Language program for Ministries employees
  • Empowerment of government employees
D2nd phase going on 62 government employees GIZ Six months
10 Canadian women for women in Afghanistan (CW4W in Afghanistan) Nazo Ana library, women literacy, English language, Computer lab and net café Going on 2000 families NECDO volunteers & Afghan community 2005- 2012
11 Women Political Participation from Islamic perspective Women Political Participation workshops in Ghazni and Wardak, Safe Environment, Wardak & Ghazni 76 female Independent Commission of Human Rights Afghanistan Jan-June 2001
12 Rights and Democracy Women Empowerment project Successfully completed 780 female 200 children NECDO volunteers Aug 2005-Aug 2007
13 Women’s empowerment Awareness raising for women& Literacy Successfully completed 370 female2000 female Relief International (American) May 2001 April2002
14 Women’s capacity building Literacy, Income generation in Kabul Successfully completed 914 female & youths255 WFP Jan 2001- Dec 2007
15 Women’s capacity building AWEP (Afghan Women Employment Project) in Ghazni Successfully completed 670 female800 female/youth200 female/male UNIFEM Aug 2001- Dec2002Feb 2003-Dec 2007Oct 2005- Oct 2006
16 Global Fund for women Youth committees in Ghazni Successfully completed 511500376 female WFPRelief InternationalNECDO 20032002-20052005-2006
17 Women’s resiliency for a better Afghanistan Psychosocial workshops in Kabul& Ghazni Successfully completed 300 female300 female American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) July- Dec 2005
18 Agriculture program for women Small Business Trainings for Women in Kabul, GSP/Small Dairy Farms in Ghazni Successfully completed 995 women300 women CNFA/USAID Aug 2005-Oct 2007March- Dec 2006
19 EVAW project Gender Trainings and campaigns in Jalalabad Successfully completed 470 female122 female150 female NOVIB 2003-2005Mar-Aug 2005
20 Health education Community Health education Project Successfully completed 100 male155 female COMPRI-A CONSTELLA USAID May- Oct 2005Oct 05-Oct 07
21 Imam Initiative for EVAW Community Reform (Elimination of violence against women and Peace Building Going On 25 Imams45 youths ASMA SocietyWISE June 2009 March 2012
22 Leadership training for women Islam, Gender and Human Rights Leadership Trainings Successfully completed 360 female CDP/USAID Jan- Feb 07
23 Peace project RUPR (Role of Ulama in Peace and Reconciliation) in 15 provinces Going On 800 Male & female Indonesia Embassy May – Dec 08
24 Community Based Centers for EVAW Help & support to victims of domestic violence through legal aid, psychosocial and capacity building Completed 24770 women MRA 2008-2010
25 Need Assessment Survey Finding out the rate of Child marriages in Yawan, Wakhan, Rostaq and Roi Do Aab districts of northern Afghanistan Badakhshan, Takhar and Samangan 1000 male and female SDC April 2010
26 Baseline Study on Women Shura leadership Potential development Finding the needs of women in women Shuras in two districts of Faizabad and Kishm Badakhshan 16women Shuras GTZ/GM August 2010
27 DWSLP (Developing Women Shuras Leadership Potentials) -Literacy for women-Leadership six months training for women-Food for Education Faizabad and Kishm Districts of Badakhshan 880 women64 leading women Shuras GIZ/GM Nov 2010 to April 2012
28 RUPR (Role of Ulama in Peace and Reconciliation) -Giving Peace Education to Imams-Enhancing the role of Ulama in Peace and Elimination of all sorts of violence 15 provinces of Afghanistan 230 of Ulama Indonesian Embassy Oct 2011 to Oct 2012
29 Couple of Training on Islam and Human Rights to SDC program staff different levels -Comparative study Islam and Human Rights Kabul SDC 2010
30 HR & Islam in Afghanistan perspective 11 International HR got training on the topic Kabul 15 male & female SDC 2010
31 Gender and Media Trainings for Independent Media Organizations Gender Kabul 70 male and female Asia Foundation and MoWA 2010
32 Leadership Training for Women Political Parties Leadership Kabul 36 political parties NDI 2011-012
33 Training on Future planning and networking for the unsuccessful nominees for the Parliament Future planning and networking Kabul 70 Women UNWOMEN 2011


19.  Manuals & Booklets Development by NECDO Team

Subject of the Manual Languages  Developed by
Psycho social & Resiliency Dari Nahid Kuhastani, Marzia Omar
Proposal writing and overall management manual Dari, Pashto & English Mr. Kakar, Ms. Afghani
Elimination of Violence Against Women Dari and Pashto Mr. Kakar
Training of Master Trainers Dari, Pashto and English Ms. Jamila Afghani
Gender and Media Dari and English Ms. Jamila Afghani
Comparative Study of HR & Islam Dari and English Ms. Jamila Afghani & Mr. Kakar
Five Major Rights of Women in Islam Dari and English Mr. Kakar
Leadership and Management Dari, Pashto and English Mr. Kakar
Advocacy and Networking Dari and Pashto Ms. Afghani & Ms. Fatima Hamadi
Library Management Dari Ms. Friba Hamidi
Finance and Accounting Dari, Pashto and English Mr. Abdul Khaliq
Awareness on Sexual Harassment and Prevention Dari Ms. Fouzia  & NECDO CB Team
Educational Stories for children Dari Ms. Friba Hamidi & CB team
Gender and Islam Dari and Pashto Ms. Jamila Afghani
Gender and Development Dari Ms. Jamila Afghani & CB team
Para-legal Awareness Raising Manual for MPs  (NDI) Dari Ms. Jamila Afghani & CB team
Islam & Women Political Participations Dari & Pashto Mr. Kakar
How to make a peaceful society starting from homes to society Dari Mr. Kakar & Ms. Afghani & CB team
Women Political Participation in the light of Sharia & national & international Laws Dari & Pashto Mr. Kakar & Ms. Afghani