NECDO Background IIC Project Implementing Organization:

Who we are?

Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization (NECDO) is a non-governmental, impartial and non-political organization, registered with Ministry of Economy in 2002 with INO.95. NECDO was established in January 2001 by a group of volunteers to help and support needy Afghan women, youth, and children when the Afghan nation was passing through time-tested moments of its history in Peshawar Afghan Refugee Camps.

The destructive civil war resulted in material and spiritual losses for the nation. NECDO started its activities with little means, but greatness of purpose, which was based on humanitarian and development assistance. We believe that unity, faith, proper mobilization of youth & empowerment of Afghan communities can reduce the miseries of the Afghan nation.  During our social activities in camps, we realized the need for education, capacity building and income generation projects in order to help our nation with sustainable development; especially educating Afghan women, youth, and children were the priorities set forth; with the believe that it is better to light a candle rather t Main Area of Activities:

  • Capacity Building that includes: (1) Literacy & Catch up program for women & children; (2) Quranic Education; (3) Income generation programs for women; (4) CRC; (5) Human rights and women’s right awareness; (6) Peace education, Psychosocial, conflict resolutions workshops; (7); Library; (8) Computer, networking; (9) Overall Management; (10); Accountancy & financial management; (11); Leadership; (12) Community mobilization trainings; (13); TOT, Master trainers training & teacher trainings; (14) Data base training; (15) Communication Skills; (16) Presentation skills; (17) Advance English language program; (18) Business Training for women; (19) Professional Higher Education in management, finance accounting and IT; and (20) Librarians training.
  • Advocacy and Networking that includes: (1) Elimination of violence against women through awareness raising and campaigns and media work Jalalabad, Kabul & Ghazni; (2) Youth committees for Elimination of violence against women in Kabul universities and Ghazni high schools; (3) Publication of Newsletter “Baztab e Noor” (Reflection of the light); (4)“Karama Network of Advocacy & Human Rights” initiative and leading by NECDO; and (5) Conducting surveys and assessments for EVAW. We also working on advocacy for a safe educational & work environment for all by conducting research report and advocacy initiatives
  • Vocational Training and Income Generation that includes: (1) (Tailoring and handicraft training; (2) Artificial flower making; (3) Handicraft and tailoring production and marketing; and (4) participation in exhibitions.

Building and Construction:

  1. NECDO since establishment has constructed one social center of 4 rooms and one grand hall of gathering in Kacha Garhi camp of Refugees in Peshawar in 2001 where hundreds of Afghan refugee youths were trained and given the facilities to read books and have catch up classes, also a mosque in Behsood was built district of Ningarhar province where hundreds of people from the village of Charmesa are taking its advantage with prayers and getting lesson on Quranic teachings
  2. Construction of a form house in Ningarhar – Bahsood for villagers to be trained professionally for better productive. The construction was done by support of CNFA/USAID.
  3. Construction of a mosque in But Khak is going on since 2013.
  4. Construction of Women Toilet in the main road of Jalalabad to Kabul and Kabul to Badakhshan by financial support of Global Fund for Women and Invest in Muslim Fund in March 2014han curse the darkness we initiated several projects and implemented them successfully.

IIC-Masjid Construction Work History:

  1. The construction company (YCC) has signed the contract on 12th July 2015, after a bidding process by NECCO, they were given orientation on the project, a site visit was arranged for them and they had a meeting with the CEO committee. The supervising committee consists of engineer from Municipality district #12, two community Wakil of Guzar, two IIC staff from NECDO and 1 site Engineer. The CEO committee members are listed below:
  • Engineer Shah Muhammad Site Engineer
  • Engineer Muhammad Ismail Spot Control Engineer
  • Mr. Abdul Hakim Nasery Supervisor of the CEO committee
  • Mr. Ahmad Gul Totakhail Community Elder
  • Mr. Shamsurrahman Madani Community elder
  • Mr. Wahban Indonesian Embassy in Kabul
  • Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar General Supervisor of the IIC project from NECDO
  1. For the Qibla direction adjustment it is necessary to involve the department of Masajid of the Ministry of Hajj, based on that NECDO on 21.07.2015 sent a formal letter to the ministry who appointed two representatives to visit the area and adjust the direction.
  2. On the 22.07.2015 the representatives from the department of Masajid were picked by NECDO to visit the site and adjust the direction of the Qibla. The Qibla direction was adjusted and a form was signed by the representatives and other elders as well as the supervising committee of the IIC project.
  3. At the same time the excavations for the fencing and the boundary walls of the masjid area has begun. The containers and hurdles are removed.
  4. The community is helpful and is very happy for the long waited project, and are really looking forwards to the next portions to begun (Inshallah) by the support of the brotherly nation of Indonesia.
  5. The excavation of the Masjid portion has been completed and the soil has been transported out of the area. There is one thing good that the soil from the excavation is transported to a Masjid in Block 11 to fill the courtyard.
  6. The well digging has begun and will be completed by the end of the next week, until the well is giving its water, temporarily the water is gotten through a pipe from a neighbor in the area.
  7. A letter of request for Electricity Connection was submitted to the Ministry of Hajj by NECDO in order to begin the process which normally takes few months to be finalized.
  8. The Supple basement and pole excavation has been done and during this week the steel structure for the next concrete phase will be prepared.
  9. The work on the Fencing is in progress which is being built 144meters long to the south and north side of the Masjid and 30 meters each on the east and west sides.
  10. Meeting was held with the CEO committee and the elders of the community in Ahmad Shah Baba Mina (Dist # 12) about the upcoming ceremony on the 9th of August 2015
  11. The preparations for the inauguration of putting the Milestone for the Masjid IIC are done, invitations has been sent, agenda has been developed, area for the gathering has been selected.
  12. Banners have been developed for the program, and logistics are considered.
  13. After the milestone ceremony was held in the 12th district (9th August 2015), the ceremony which was attended by several high ranking official, H. E Mr. Anshory Tajuddin, community leaders, Ulama, NUA, diplomats from other Islamic countries the work of the basement of the masjid has been going on well.
  14. The water well (69/meters deep) is now working and the water used for the construction purpose is taken from the IIC well.
  15. The fencing wall from the north side is made ready for the steel work which will begin in few days.
  16. The break work will soon begin to raise the side walls of the basement of the Masjid.
  17. The community is happy and thankful to H.E Mr. Anshory for the effort he put to accomplish the IIC (Indonesian Islamic Center) as long remaining JARIAH of the people of Indonesia to the people of Afghanistan.
  18. The government electricity has been process from MORA and Minister of Energy and Water, through a formal process NECDO is introduced to the Power Substation of District #12 who will further process the connection.
  19. The break work in the basement has begun and is going well and is almost in the final stage
  20. A meeting was held with the site engineer of YCC and told them to accelerate the work
  21. The location of the imam’s house construction was assigned which will began soon (Inshallah)
  22. The Basement all side wall have been raised and within few days the work for putting the ceiling will begin, this is almost getting closer to the basement floor completion of structural work.
  23. The fencing wall has reached to the break work level after this the steel work will begin.
  24. The imam house has been sketched on the ground and its work has begun (photo 6)
  25. The issues for the government electricity has been finalized, NECDO will be doing the fee payments for the admission within this week.
  26. The north and west part of the fencing wall is almost ready for the steel work and Inshallah soon the steel portion will be added to the fence.
  27. The ring steel work for the ceiling is completed and within few days there will be concrete filling on the roof
  28. Break work on the Basement and Imam house is finished
  29. Septic tanks excavation is completed
  30. NECDO CEO Committee controlling the flow, quality and standard of the work on every day base.
  31. The southern wall issue is finalized and the line has been put on ground for the work to start, the sketch form municipality is considered. (Road sketch copy is attached)
  32. The work follow is good so far, NECDO CEO Committee is in the site on daily basis and look over the work in every progress has been made.
  33. The quality of steel, cement, concrete and breaks is controlled by site engineer & CEO committee.
  34. The signed board under the name MASJIDUSSALAM will be painted on the previous sign board.
  35. The Basement roof concrete is completed and the break work on the second floor will begin by next week
  36. The fence wall on the south side of the Masjid has begun and soon it will be completed
  37. The imam house is made ready for the putting concrete on its roof which will be completed soon
  38. The steel work is going on and the fencing will be decorated soon by the steel work
  39. The committee is observing the work and reporting to General supervisor in NECDO
  40. Admission fee for the government electricity is done and soon the extension of the electricity will begin
  41. Work on the second floor of the Masjid is going fast and soon it will be made ready for putting the concrete ceiling
  42. The Imam’s house ceiling is done and soon the plaster and finishing work for that will begin.
  43. The Wadho area is indicated for sketch and construction of the toilets and Wadho place has already begin
  44. The electricity for Masjid has been extended, the admission fees, electricity meter are issued, a company was hired to extend the line and install the joint box, as soon as the internal electricity system is made in masjid and other compounds the electricity supply will begin.
  45. The break work for the second floor of the masjid is almost completed the pols inside the second floor are filled with concrete and will soon be ready for putting the roof.
  46. The Imam’s house is in the finishing stage the plaster and door and window installation has begun
  47. The Wadho portion construction has begun, the stone work is done and soon the break work will begin, beside the Wadho area a room for the electricity and a room for the water pump is considered to be built
  48. The fencing from the north, west and south side of the masjid are completed and are in the finishing stage now
  49. Work on the foundations of the Minaret has begun and soon its stone work will start.
  50. The Delegation from Jakarta H.E Prof. Nazaruddin Umar former Dep. Minister of Religious Affairs, H.E Dr. As’ad Said Ali former Vice Chairman NUBP and H.E Mr. Anshory Tadjudin Ambassador of Indonesia in Kabul visited the IIC site on 30th November 2015 and observed the different portions of the Masjid, Imam House, Fending, Women Masjid Portion, Wadho (Ablution) area as well as whole the land (10016/MSQ) which is allocated for building IIC in Kabul.
  51. The Ceiling of the second floor of the Masjid is done on 7th of December, the ceiling for the Wodho area will soon be done, the steel work is going on as well as the septic tank will be concreted within the next week.
  52. The fencing steel work is almost finished and now the steel worker is working on the gates and doors of the around wall.
  53. The only concern for the delay of the work will be the cold weather and in particular if the snow comes there will be a major break in the work for at least about 2 and half months (probably).
  54. The concrete work of the second floor roof has been completed for Masjid, Wadho area and the septic tank.
  55. The round wall is completed the main gate and women masjid gates as well as Imam house gates are installed
  56. The temperature has been under zero in Kabul since 12th of December 2015, therefore, the work has been stopped by the company for the period of 2 and half months and will commence as soon as we get back the weather into normal.
  57. Right after the end of the under zero degree of the temperature the construction work has begun on the 25th of February 2016
  58. The plaster work of the masjid inside and outside is going on, as well as the electricity wire fixing and installations
  59. The work on minaret of the Masjid has begun, due to technical complexity it will be taking a bit more of time
  60. The work on the Dom of the Masjid is also begun and is going on.
  61. The plantation has been almost been completed inside the masjid area, and we hope to extended the plantation to the rest area allocated to the IIC (The whole 10016MT/SQ)
  62. The pipe work and sanitary work is going on in all the three areas of Women Wodho area, Men Wodho area and the house of Imam
  63. The carpentry work is done 50% and be the end of the plaster work the rest of 50% will be done
  64. The plaster work of the masjid inside the masjid, Wodho areas both male and female are completed
  65. The work on minaret of the Masjid has been going on, due to technical complexity it will be taking a bit more of time
  66. The plantation has almost been completed inside the masjid area, the work on the walkways to furnish with stone will soon begin
  67. The tiles and ceramic work in the bath rooms, kitchen of Imam house has almost been done 70% and the work will soon start on the Wodho areas
  68. The carpentry work is done 50% and be the end of the plaster work the rest of 50% will be done after the plaster is completed outside the masjid
  69. The work on Walkways has begun; the walkways will be furnished with stone and concrete inside the fence wall and in between the green area.
  70. Work on the tiles of the Wodho areas going on the imam house tiles, the female Wodho area are completed and the male wodho area is under work
  71. The dome structure is done and rest, its work is also in good progress and it will soon be ready for installation
  72. The inside plaster of all portions has completed and little outside remains and will be completed.

Based on the chronology of the activities and the updates shared with the respected Embassy, the furnishing of all the portions is completed on the 22nd of August and is now ready for the prayer. NECDO hereby summarizes the completion of the all the work and formally hand in the final report and the project to H. Excellency Mr. Tadjudin Anshory the ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Kabul.

Summary Areas Completed:

Masjid Imam House Male Wodho Area Female Wodho Area Minarat Dom Fencing Water System, Electricity System, greenery, painting, Carpentry Work, sound system
Masjidussalam all 3 portions Male upper floor, basement and women sections Alhamdulillah completed and are now ready for the prayers


(Due to the regular demand of Mr. Ahmad Gul Totakhel and Mr. Shamsurrahman Madani representatives of the community that time the size of the masjid was made large)





House with three room, one kitchen 2 bathroom, a court yard equipped with water, electricity was completed and Imam has already shifted to the house and settled With 5 bath room, 8 Istinja areas, 28 faucets for Wodho,

3 sinks

With 2 bathrooms,

5 faucets and 1 sink

With 23 meters high and electricity system Completed Based on the suggestions of Site engineer the Dom was made in fiber glass Completed with Stone work, break work, steel work All mentioned system are completed approved by the observer committee,


Cupboards for Keeping Holy Quran


  1. The vehicle parking is moved from front of the masjid to the end of the masjid behind the house of Imam and will be arranged in between the library and Masjid in IIC. (This had its cost because we had to make the area green and put plantation in addition to making side walks)
  2. One Gutter (for female Wodho Bathrooms) was added in order to create more septic tank capacity
  3. Male Wodho area was extended to cover 28 persons at one time
  4. Due to the expansion of Masjid, and fencing area size the windows and doors were back reversed to be made from wood
  5. We were also reluctant due the expansion of the expansion of the sizes to reduce the height of the Minarate to 23 meters tall and the technical advised of the site engineer who did not allow more because of the type of the soil


  • The construction company claimed that the area of the construction due to the force from Totakhel and Shamsurrahman who propagated that the construction company is squeezing the size of the Masjid, the company started to demand providing the area extended from 875.46 meters to 1672.3 meters, we did not accept this and had several Jirgas and finally we had no other option except termination of the agreement with YCC and do clearance for the work done so far.
  • High prices of the construction materials was another challenge and due to the limited budget we tried to bargain with the suppliers
  • The weather in particular raining was the cause for the delays in the continuation of the work
  • Lack of the Afghan skilled labor was another issue among the contractors we had during the completion phase of the Masjid, this was another reason for the delays in the timetable of the work.