The Governing Board, hereinafter referred to as Board member, shall consist of odd number not more than 9 members. Two of these members should be from within the organization founders; four will be external members and three from donor agencies/organizations and government agencies. The chairperson of the organization will be the 10th members of GB but will not have the right to vote. The donor agency providing the highest percentage of the annual budget of the organization will have 2 representatives in the Governing Board. The second highest fund provider will have one representative in the Governing Board. If there are more than two-donor agencies and the different between their funds is less than 10%, their number of representation would be selected based on the Afghan GB members

The GB will have two years of work and each one of them will have one voting power. They are not entitled for any financial benefits and they will be coming together on quarterly basis and one may have to attend 3-4 meeting annually and should be an active member in communication, advisors during the national & international events

The Director in consultation with the Chairperson of the Governing Board prepares the agenda for the GB meetings. S/He shall prepare all information, background papers and proposals related to the agenda and the issues to be presented to the GB for discussion or approval. The committee Chairperson delivers the agenda of the session of the Governing Board to the Committee members at least one week before the convincing of each session. Committee members will receive all documents and proposals before the Committee convenes. In exceptional cases they may be distributed during the session of the committee.

Name Qualification Present Designation

Position in Board

Mr.  Ahmad Zia Anwari MA Civil Services Reform Commission Director of Administration
Dr. Azad Mohammadi PhD
Ms. Mahfoza  Folad BA Law Head of JFAO
Ms. Muzghan Yar Mohammadi BA Senior advisor for Women Political participation (NDI) Member
Ms. Waheeda Salam BA DANNAR Member
Ms. Haleema Husaini Media specialist Afghan Elite Women Council
Dr. Faramarz Jahanbeen Doctor Solidarity for Afghan Families