Official Addresses, Main Office and Branches

NECDO has work experience in 18 provinces of Afghanistan through our mobile team and in coordination with provincial local organizations, local shuras, and network of Imams.

We have four Physical offices as the followings:

Location Address Manager


Kabul Main Office House # 4 Kocha-e-Qasabi Shahr-e-Naw Right behind Nahia # 10 Kabul, 


Ms. Afghani +93(0) 799 337 667+93 (0) 799 824 570
Kabul Branch Office ButhKhaK Ms. Nasima +93(0)777727075
Ghazni Sub Office GhazniPlan Seh , Near to Kabul bus Adda-e-Ghazni Mr. Fahim Samadi +93(0)700909290
Ningarhar Joi Haft Water Pump #5 Beside AB. Shams Campaign office Mr. Nasir Hanifi +93(0)700727075
Badakhshan Shar-e-Naw Faizabad Ms. Muhebba Zarani +93(0)799748029

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