Survey Research Report Restoring the Afghan Women Confidence and meaningful participation in Free & Fair Presidential Elections

سرآغاز باوجودیکه انتخابات در افغانستان یک بحث بکلی جدید نیست و این چهارمین دوره انتخابات پارلمانی و ریاست جمهوری است که باز هم با چالش های فوق العاده برگزار میگردد و باعث خدشه دار ساختن اذهان مردم به نظام دیموکراسی میگردد.  در نظام دیموکراسی دو اصل خیلی ها عمده میباشد یکی (انتخابات) برای تعین رهبران و زعمایی کشور از طریق ... Read More »

Research Report on Women Access to Financial Services in Kabul

Executive Summary: This research is undertaken to examine the travel patterns of women travelers in Kabul city, assessing their mobility issues, and challenges affecting their access to financial resources, information & other services. In addition, in this study key initiatives have been proposed to improve women mobility, their access to financial services. It also indicates types of capacity building programs ... Read More »

Survey Report on Women Toilets

Background Afghanistan is a country that has suffered from several tragedies during the last few decades. Here, every person was seeking their own personal benefits in some ways or another and that is the reason that this country remains as under developed country around the world. Afghanistan is the land of boundless opportunities in various aspects like agricultural services, infrastructural ... Read More »

Need Assessment Report on Child Marriage

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report in hand is about the Need Assessment on Child Marriage from three provinces and four districts Badakhshan (Wakhan & Yawan), Samangan (Roi do Ab) and Takhar (Rustaq) were targeted. The activities financially supported by SDC’s partners Oxfam, Agha Khan Foundation, Halvetas and TDH. The nature of their activities are on improving daily of the people by ... Read More »

An Educational Environment Free of Sexual Harassment

Executive summary: Sexual Harassment is one of the major challenges that women in Afghanistan constantly face, which affects their progress in the society. According to this report “Muhit-e-Salim Research Report 2015”, one of the major challenges in the way of women empowerment and leadership in the tribal, male dominated and religious society. Family dignity is the top priority and women ... Read More »