NECDO Past Experience in Humanitarian Assistance

humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is observed with more than 22 million people projected to need food assistance over the coming months, including more than 8 million people in IPC4 reliant on assistance to mitigate loss of life. Half of Afghan children are at risk of acute malnutrition. To Address the situation NECDO has implemented the following projects

Unconditional Seasonal Support:

funded by World Food Program (WFP) covering the vulnerable families affected by COVID-19, poverty, social, economic, and the new Taliban Regime in different parts of the country. This project covered different area and different province (details in Chart below). The vulnerable families include widows, disables, orphans, families living in tents, families which were living in rented houses, families which were headed by women, and most importantly the affected people of COVID-19. The project included sub-activities for completing the milestones in each district and province the vulnerable families were identified by CFAC (Community Food Assistance Consultation) Which consists of 10 Members Women, Doctors, Imams, widow women, and Influenced people in the area in each district. The identified families were surveyed by NECDO relief program team and vulnerable families were selected based on the 13 Vulnerability Criteria of WFP. They were given Tokens and asked to come for Scope on the given specific date so that the Scope team could be able to do the entries in the database for the relief program. A part of the food and cash assistance is given to the beneficiaries in exchange for work, which includes 5-15 percent of the total beneficiaries, those who are included in this part of the assistance are obliged to work 3-5 hours daily in their areas for cleaning and receive their cash or food assistance at the end of the month.

Survey & Scope Explanations: NECDO survey team asked the CFAC focal points and Imams to provide the list of vulnerable families. As soon as lists were gathered, the team started the door-by-door survey and each day approximately 1,000 families were surveyed, and the selected numbers of families were given tokens for the scope process. After surveying the selected families, referred to the scope section. And the scope team did biometrics them and later they can receive their monthly contributions.



Helping Needy Families on National and Cultural Holidays

In collaboration and financial support of DOMPET DHUAFA NECDO began its preparations for the Udhia (Qurban) program from 1st Zilhajja 1443/2022 after the preliminary negotiations with Ms. Farah Ghassani of DD. It was first planned that 8 Cows (200 Kg), slaughtered in Afghanistan under NECDO supervision and implementation. The meet were packed in weight of 2 to 3 Kg for each family. More than 400 needy families were benefited from the packages.