Ms. Jamila Safi

Chair Person Board of Directors

Ms. Jamila Safi is  Head of teacher Shura of Kabul under ministry of education
She is bachelor in general science,  She has worked for 35 years in educational department, Head of teacher Shura in Kabul, Women activists. She has also been highly active in social activities such as: Human Rights, Election, Peace Process, Girls Education, Women Training Capacity Building. 

Toorpekai Momand


Ms. Toorpekai Momand, Vice president of WILPF Afghanistan.
She is masters in Public Administration. She has 30 years experience in education as a teacher, Director in Girls School, Basic and Secondary education director for the past 10 years. She has also been highly active in social activities such as: Human Rights, Election, Peace Process, Girls Education, Women Training Capacity Building. She has also worked in culture and custom.

Nazifa Mohammadi


Ms. Nazifa Mohammadi, Kabul University Professor.
She is Graduated from Kabul University holding two master degrees MBA, Sharia ,and Law in 2021.  She has 2 years experience as Intern in promote USAID; WIG (women in government) and her main responsibility was Teaching at Kabul university.

Husnia Tooba


Ms. Husnia Toba, born in Kabul city an educated family. Her father was a teacher in Amani High School, who really wanted his kids to get education. Today her brothers are Doctor, Military, and Pharmacist and her sisters are judge, Economist, and she is a Manager in ACCI Organization.

Dr. Fazal Ghani Kakar


Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar son of Mulawi Mohammad Hanif Kakar was born in 1352 (Solar Hijri Calander) in Ningrahar province Afghanistan. After he finished his early studies he got BA in Islamic Law from the Islamic Academy of Science and Technology. Then he got Master degree in Arabic Language and PH. D in Islamic studies and Sharia Law. In 1997 he founded an organization by the name of Alfajr (The Dawn) in which he helped and trained Afghan youths both men and women for about 20 years in Pakistan Refugee camps and within the country (Afghanistan), his lectures on peace, tolerance and moderation were attended by 100s of men and women, at the same time he was the pioneer of the idea RUPR (Role of Ulama & Religious leaders in peace and reconciliation) program, in result of which more than 5000 ulama and imams joined the peace process and are working as the messengers of peace in their respective . He has written several books on social issues and has represented Afghanistan in several national and international conferences. He always worked for the peace and brotherhood of Muslims.

Abdul Sattar Hayat


Hayat is from Pasha-ee tribe, of Darai Noor districts. He is a human right defender and Islamic educator for the past 38 Years. He has been an active member of the society promoting culture of peace and unity through his educational carrier period. He was a lecturer in the following institutions.

  1. Lecturer: Nangarhar Teacher Training High Institute
  2. Professor: Dawa and Jehad University
  3. Faculty of Sharia
  4. Faculty of Usuleddeen
  5. Taught Islamic fundamentals of Islam in Jehad Technology Institute

Based on the need of the society since the year 2001, he was engaged in the area of social activism and peace building beside his teaching carrier. He was an advisor to the Ministry of higher education. He is also an active member Board of Directors Nuhzat ul Ulama Afghanistan (NUA) since 2015. He is also a member of Committee for arranging the Afghanistan Ulama general conference for establishing Shura e Tawhid e Manaber Afghanistan (Shura for the unity of Manaber throughout Afghanistan) to develop a joint curriculum in order. He was a member of Curriculum Committee to develop a joint curriculum in order to unity the curriculum of the religious schools ( Madarise-e- Deeni ) and the Schools of Social Sciences (Makatib).

Ahmad Zia Anwari


Ahmad Zia Anwari hold Executive Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management (HRM) from Preston University and BA in Sharia and Law from International Islamic University Islamabad (Pakistan).
He works as Human Resources Director at Ministry of Information and Culture since Sep. 2014. He had also worked as Human Resources Advisor /Civil Services Reform Trainer with Human Resources Development Directorate at the Independent Administration Reforms and Civil Service Commission form Feb 2010 to June 2014. He attended different Human Resources Management, Legal studies and Social Protection, Advocacy trainings programs with UNITAR, JICA, WFP, NRC, Maxplant Institute in Afghanistan, Japan, India, etc.)
He has ten years work experiences in Human Resources Development, Public Administration Reforms, Project Management and Legislative affairs in national and international organizations (Independent Administration Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC), WB, ADB, UNCTAD, UNHCR) in Afghanistan.