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Report on Community Working Group Conference 2016

Brief description on Mobilizing Afghan Men to Protect Women Rights, Democracy and Peace project: NECDO is implementing a project by the name of Mobilizing Afghan Men to Protect Women Rights Democracy and Peace; the project started on Jan 2016 and will end on Dec 2016. The project covers three provinces like Kabul, Ningarhar and Parwan province. Project Goal is to ... Read More »


LITERACY TRAINING FOR DDR 1.1. SUMMARY: One of the interesting projects we had in Ghazni under a very tough security situation was literacy, English, Computer and some awareness raising workshops for those people who had passed from DDR process.  1.2. OBJECTIVES To provide literacy, English language and computer skills to 75 DDR personnel To prevent the trainees from joblessness and ... Read More »

Small Dairy Project/GSP (Goats and sheep Project)

OVER VIEW OF THE PROJECT: Majority of the population in Afghanistan are busy in farming and agricultural, most of the people make their living out of cultivation or raising life stock (sheep, cows and goats). The devastating prolong war has damaged the economical infrastructure of the country in general and in Ghazni province in particular. Ghazni has remained the field ... Read More »

Small Business Trainings for (Vulnerable Women)

Details of the project: Background of the Project: War severe victims are women all over the countries of the world. Particularly in Afghanistan during long term wars women have lost a large number of male members of their families who are now responsible for winning the bread of their children. Therefore, over all women are suffering a lot especially in ... Read More »

Registration Form Women leader training from Islamic perspective-NECDO

Please click below link for download registration form: Registration Form Women leader training from Islamic perspective-NECDO Read More »