Women Social & Leadership Empowerment

Delegitimizing Oppressive Discourse Training for Afghan Women Women’s Rights Activist on Women’s Rights in Islamic Legal Framework

Executive Summary: Afghanistan is a country where women’s right issues takes a step forward and two steps backwards due to cultural and social norms. In Afghanistan, religion is always used as a tool to legitimize patriarchy and the stopping of women from achieving their basic human rights The recent cases of Farkhunda and Zulaikha are stark examples of this conflict ... Read More »

Afghan Women Voting outreach Program Final Report

Achievements: Provision of 64 workshops for 1600 women activists & Imams in 8 provinces and through the trainees we reached 21600 women & 28, 000 men 3 Pashto & 3 Dari religious messages for all over Afghanistan Conducting 16 campaigns in 8 provinces for 3200 individuals Through monthly massages in Dari & Pashto by famous Imams and women activists we ... Read More »

Development of Women Shuras Leadership Potential Project

Based on the 2009 baseline study that was conducted from Women Shuras in Northern Provinces, the findings of the baseline study the project DWSLP was designed. The project’s title was DWSLP and was one of the most successful projects that -were implemented by NECDO’s through financial and technical support of GIZ-GM unit from Nov 2010 –Feb 2012 as first phase ... Read More »