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Afghan Women Voting outreach Program Final Report

Achievements: Provision of 64 workshops for 1600 women activists & Imams in 8 provinces and through the trainees we reached 21600 women & 28, 000 men 3 Pashto & 3 Dari religious messages for all over Afghanistan Conducting 16 campaigns in 8 provinces for 3200 individuals Through monthly massages in Dari & Pashto by famous Imams and women activists we ... Read More »

Final Report of Imam Initiative Project on EVAW (IIP)

1.1. The Need for this Project: Afghanistan is an Islamic country and majority of its population is Muslims and the county’s historical events are mostly spring out from religious issues. The most prominent of which are the Great Britain 3 wars and Russian occupation of the country and the people’s success to defeat the super power of the time and ... Read More »

DWSLP Final Narrative Report (Badakhshan Province)

2.    DWSLP Project Background: Woman Shuras (Community Development Councils) were established beside men’s Shuras throughout Afghanistan for the purpose of community mobilization and development through self-help project by the National solidarity Program (National Solidarity Program) and the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and development (MRRD). NSP was created by the Government of Afghanistan to develop the ability of Afghan communities to ... Read More »

AWPEI Joint Report on Legal and Judicial Challenges in Afghanistan (December 2011)

The needs in Afghanistan: Afghanistan ranks 181 out of 182 nations on the UN’s Human Development Index. By most standards, Afghanistan is considered a failed state. For an Afghan national, obtaining legal representation for him/herself or for a family member who has legal matters pending in family court or who is accused of a crime— frequently without cause or proof—is ... Read More »


Project Summary (approximately two paragraphs): The project activities started from June 2009 till 31st May 2010 was a successful completion by the financial and technical generous support of Cw4wafghanistan during this period of time we could provide service of library for2223 (1451female, 622 male 150 children in Kabul, 230 Jalalabad, 230 Ghzani) people beside library, we also provided English language ... Read More »

Support Letters

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Audit Report

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Mobilizing Afghan Man to Protect Woman Rights, Democracy and Peace Workshop in Kabul

Mobilizing Afghan Man to Protect Woman Rights, Democracy and Peace , NECDO will mobilize Ulama, Youths and women activists to work together for the protection of women rights, democracy and Peace in Kabul. Read More »

D&P AF-3226 Project Poster

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2015 NECDO Annual Report

Acknowledgement: NECDO completed the 2015 its fifteenth year of work for empowerment of Afghan women, youth and children, It was really challenging working year in NECDO’s history, we had vast range of networking and communication with national, international NGOs as well as with Afghan government, especially MOWA, MoRA and MoE, MoJ, MoLSAMD as we cordially thank them for support and ... Read More »