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جشن فراغت دانش آموزان زنان رهبر، عالم ددین و مدافع حقوق زنان

این برنامه به مؤرخ 19 سنبله 1396 هـ ش مطابق به 10 سپتامبر 2017 جشن فراغت دانش آموزان برنامه زنان رهبر، عالم دین و مدافع حقوق زنان در هوتل صافی لند مارک با اشتراک نهادهای دولتی، جامعه مدنی، مطبوعات و 43 تن از دانش آموزان این برنامه برگزار گردید که هر یک در سخنان خویش از این برنامه تقدیر نمودند ... Read More »

My Afghan Library (MAL)

My afghan library is a unique educational project which has been created by Scholastic for the encouragement of afghan children to improve student s interest to reading and learning. This program based on needs of today’s society provided interesting and high quality Pashto and Dari books for children to study. The library has 30 books in each of three different ... Read More »

JERRAHI Order of America Sadaqa / Zakat Ramadhan 2017

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Tube well for the needy and disabled village inaugurated.

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2017 Finalist “Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity”

                                                  Dear Dr. Kakar, Thank you for informing me about this wonderful development.  Please convey my congratulations and warm regards to Ms. Jamila Afghani.  Her hard work deserves all the recognition bestowed on her. Wishing you ... Read More »


NECDO Chairperson BD Ms. Jamila Afghani one of the finalists of 2017 #AuroraPrize.   Read More »

Mobilizing Afghan Man to Protect Woman Rights, Democracy and Peace Workshop 2017

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Annual Conference 2017 Role of Ulama In peace, Development, Respect to Human Rights and Love with Humanity Narrative Progres Report

Executive Summary: Nahdhat-Ulama Afghanistan has successfully conducted the annual conference 2017 for 165 Ulamam From almost all provinces of the country, with the technical and moral support of Indonesian Embassy in Kabul. NUA Shura members from Kabul, Representative from Indonesian Embassy, Ulama from Indonesia,  Media groups, government bodies and security departments male and female participated in the two day conference ... Read More »

Nahdhatul Ulama Afghanistan (NUA) Profile

Nahdhatul-Ulama Afghanistan (NUA): Nahdhatul Ulama Afghanistan (NUA) is a nonprofit social organization of religious leaders established in order to spread the moderate, non-extreme, tolerant, just and participation based approach of the teachings of Islam among the communities. This organization is formally registered with MoJ (Reg:# 882) and is solely an organization led by an independent group of Afghan Ulama (Religious ... Read More »

Thanks to this Afghan woman, 6,000 imams have taken gender-sensitivity training

BREAKING BARRIERS Jamila Afghani, who has battled discrimination since childhood, uses Islam to empower women in Afghanistan. She is committed to continuing the work despite threats and other obstacles. JANUARY 5, 2017 KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—It is Friday noon in Kabul, Afghanistan, and men dressed in traditional clothes hurry to mosques to pray in congregation. Friday prayers are usually men’s business, and ... Read More »