Annual Report

WILPF Afghanistan Section Annual Report 2017


WILPF Afghanistan section in partnership with NECDO (Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization) is a new member of the international family of WILPF, in the stage of learning from other section that how to be active in peace building and ensuring that women voices are heard and included in sustainable peace process in Afghanistan on regional and international level.  Due to on going proxy war with multi dimensional conflicts in Afghanistan, NUG has many challenges to keep the political stability within different political upheavals. They treat gender equality very superficially. While in many policies and ratification of many international conventions and laws by the Afghan government shows commitments towards women’s right but in practice there is hug gape to be filled. The Gender equality is necessary for global prosperity, peace and security; it should not be only a development agenda.  Afghanistan has a National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security, which guides the Government’s institutions about their fruitful engagement for the implementation of the NAP. Afghanistan as member state of UN has commitment towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to address the issue of Women Peace and Security at the national and foreign agenda. These two issues are integral to WILPF’s work.

Afghanistan High Peace Council (AHPC) beside, NUG is responsible to ensure the true implementation of 1325 NAP and making sure women voices are heard and included in the peace process by their active representations on the negotiation table. Unfortunately, AIHPC is influenced by the current political situation of Afghanistan and women have very symbolic role in the process.

During the year 2017 the Civil Society Coalition under the title of Afghanistan WILPFers has structured focus section discussion on monthly meetings with civil Society sections with focus on expanding our understanding of what women, peace and security mean in practice across the diversity of women’s experiences in Afghanistan. The result of discussion ranged across the personal, political, community, national and international, with 3 key themes emerging: 1) Respect for human rights and gender equality should be considered during peace process in Afghanistan; 2) Acknowledging the diversity of women’s voices around peace and security issues; 3) Marginalization and women’s voices within the current peace process is wide.

Afghanistan WELPFers are working for enabling people to claim their rights and holding governments accountable for guaranteeing all human rights; Ensuring public policy, programs, services adhere to principles of equality and non-discrimination, focusing specifically on anti-discrimination policies related to sex and gender, race, disability and age; and Creating spaces for people, especially women and girls from diverse back- grounds and marginalized sections to make sure sustainable peace in Afghanistan. This is fundamental understanding among Afghanistan’s WILPFer that women faces risks & challenges before, during and after conflicts and they need peace and security, the most. These critical understandings include women’s from different tribes, language, age, socioeconomic status, gender or sexual identity, culture, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, and urban/rural locations.

The above-mentioned points shaped our activities during 2017 and give us direction for 2018 activities.

WILPF Afghanistan

Focused on implementation the UNSCR 1325 & SDGs in collaboration with community leaders, religious leaders, men and youths. Had three major activities: 1. Mobilized 600 Afghan men and youths from different walks of life to promote women’s role in peace and development 2. Conducted advocacy meetings to the inclusion of gender and women’s rights perspective within the peace process in Afghanistan 3. Celebrated World Peace Day with a conference that took place in the Ministry of Information and culture Media Hall and attended by more than 100 guests from all walks of life. Speeches, discussion revolved around the role of women, as well as the role of Muslim countries and civil society in bringing peace.

Formal inauguration of Afghanistan WILPF section

WILPF inauguration Ceremony

After 12 regular monthly meeting and different focused group discussion and sharing the report with WILPF head quarter. On 7th September 2016 formal approval of WILPF section Afghanistan was officially approved by the head quarter of WILPF. The Afghanistan WILPFers by their personal contribution organized one-day conference in the hall of MoWA celebrating the WILPF Afghanistan Section inauguration.

Formal inauguration ceremony of WILPF was celebrated in the conference held in Kabul 10 Jan 2017 in Ministry of Women Affairs of Afghanistan. Ms. Jamila Afghan (chairperson NECDO-Head WILPF Afghanistan Section) was inaugurated the ceremony with a opening speech where she shared her experience of known WILPF when she attended She was chosen as head of WILPF Afghanistan section by general The participants of the conference were 70 individuals who consist of women, religious scholars, civil activist, Deputy Minister, Members of WILPF, Members of the united nations, Members of NECDO, the legal staff of MOWA, officials of gender departments, teachers, students, Women’s council, Journalists and representatives of media and other individuals which belong to the governmental and non-governmental organizations. The conference was held in the Hall of MOWA on 10th Jan 2017 and was successfully completed.

WILPF Afghanistan message of Peace in

“Role of Community religious leaders (women &men) in peace and countering radicalism”

On 15th February 2017 WILPF Afghanistan Section was part of the general conference in collaboration with NECDO, NUA on role of community and religious leaders in peace and countering radicalism, WILPF focal points from 10 provinces participated in the 2 day conference, giving a strong message to the delegates on the role of WILPF Afghanistan Section in peace and freedom. Through financial support of UNAMA, 60 women from different provinces of Afghanistan were invited and female members of WILPF had active part in the conference and they had their message of peace and unity. The Afghanistan WILPFer had a statement asking

Campaign on “The Time is Now to Ban the Bomb”

WILPF – Afghanistan Section Statement nuclear weapons, “The Time is now to Ban the Bomb” This is exacting time in WILPF’s history. We have opposed nuclear weapons, we demand to ban nuclear weapons across borders, because the threat of nuclear weapons is a global and existential one we want a world free nuclear weapons and we need world leaders to understand this.

Attending UNMMA Conference in Herat on Role of Women in Peace Building”

Ms. Afghani attended a conference in Herat Province through support of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) for promotion of role of women as agent of peace and unity in the country on 16th April 2017. The emphasis of the gathering was to focus on the local methodologies for mobilizing Afghan community to play their role for peace and justice, especially women. The governor of Herat, Minister of Women Affairs and Ms. Jamila Afghani were the keynote speakers of the conference. Ms. Afghani emphasized on the utilization of International methodologies in the framework of local community by empowering and engaging women on the peace process in Afghanistan. She mentioned that without women’s formal contribution peace could not be sustainable.

Conference World Peace Day Celebration By WILPF Afghanistan Section

Conference World Peace Day Celebration By WILPF Afghanistan Section was held 26th Sep 2017. The World Peace Day Celebration Conference was held in the Ministry of Information and culture Media Hall on the 26th September of 2017. More than 100 participants from different walks of life participated in the event Members of WILPF Afghanistan Section, CSOs, Government Bodies, Diplomatic missions of Embassies in Kabul, women sections and youth and Ulama. The program successful commenced in accordance to the agenda. The participants were welcomed by Ms. Parina Jahid the deputy head of WILPF, followed by Ms. Maryam Arya WILPF Afghanistan Section member who introduced the program and talked about the history of World Peace Day Celebration. Then Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia gave speech about Role of Islamic Countries in bringing peace. Afterward, Mr. Hayat NUA board member talked about role of Ulama in Peace. Ms. Yasameen advisor at MOWA talked about role of women in making peace. Mr. Jafari advisor at MOIC talked about Role of Media in Peace. After that Mr. Ramizpor head of human rights department in UN Kabul talked about role of civil society in peace.

Expansion of WILPF Afghanistan sub Section in Ningarhar (Jalalabad )

On 16th November 2017 Ningarhar WILPF conference on expansion of WILPF Afghanistan Section was successfully conducted with active participation of 100 individuals youths, women and men from different walks of life. The subsection of WILPF was formally established in Ningarhar province with 11 persons as core section members 6 female from Ningarhar 3 female from Kunar and 2 female from Laghman province covering Western zone of Afghanistan. The gathering was held by financial support of WILPF under small grants project announced by WILPF International.

“Mobilizing Afghan men to Promote women’s Right for Peace and Development”

Based on the vision of “mobilizing Afghan men to promote women’s right in Peace and development” was another positive work in through which 600 men and women were provided awareness and trainings on women’s right issues with focus on 1325 NAP. The trainings were conducted in 4 provinces (Kabul, Khost, Kapisa and Balkh)

Advocacy and Networking

  1. AcknowledgmentWILFP members meeting with Dr. Habiba Sarabi, was held 4th March 2017 The meeting was started by the recitation of the Holy Quran by Ms. Parveen Dost then Ms. Parina Jahed deputy director of NECDO Congratulate Dr. Habiba Sarabi deputy director of High Peace Council for her Achievements According to agenda Ms. Parina Jahed introduced the WILPF Afghanistan then WILPF members had discussed the WILPF work so far. Then Ms. Jamila Safi Member of WILPF gave the honor membership to Dr. Habiba Sarabi deputy director of High Peace Council after that we concluded the meeting.
  2. Meeting with new members held 27th August 2017, Meeting Attended by: Ms. Jamila Afghani, Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar, Mr. Mohammad Masoom Janan, Mr. Fahim Paigham, Ms. Zarifa Sedeqyan and Mr. Ali Reza Hussaini WILPF Afghanistan Section had a fruitful interdictory meeting in NECDO main office Kabul with Mr. Mohammad Masoom Janan and Mr. Fahim Paigham. First WILPF board of director welcomed the two new friends; goal and objectives as well as the mission and vision of the Afghanistan WILPF section were introduced and explained to them. They both showed their support and commitment to WILPF and filled the membership form at the end of the meeting
  3. Ms. Jamila Afghani held a meeting with WILPF New York on 24th November 2017, where she met the WILPF staff and interns. There was a wonderful exchange of information on both sides. Ms. Mariana was happy to hear about very similar activities of WILPF Afghanistan section and other sections member around the world.
  4. Four focus group discussions were held among the Afghanistan WILPFers for development of action plan for the year 2018. The FGDs were held from 1st– 15th December where the Afghanistan WILPFers drafted their work plan for the year 2018 and after the approval of the Board of Directors the work plan was distributed among all the members and detailed work plan will be designed by the end of January, 2018 by the 6 working Groups namely:
  5. Peace and Development Working Group will focus on SDGs and 1325
  6. Cultural and Religious Working Group will focus on Mobilization of Afghan men to promote women’s role in sustainable peace
  7. Afghanistan Youth WILPFers will focus on “ By Unity we can make a stronger Afghanistan”
  8. Advocacy and Networking will focus on the Afghanistan policy and regulation and implementation of NAP 1325 and others

Thanks a lot,NECDO as leading member organization of WILPF Afghanistan Group highly appreciates WILPF International for the moral and technical support of its expansion into the different provinces of Afghanistan in particular the four provinces in eastern zone. WILPF Afghanistan Group through its committed members would struggle to make more progress during the year 2018 with the support of our international friends.

Jamila Afghani

Chairperson NECDO

Head WILPF Afghanistan Group

January 2018