Report on 1st Workshop Mobilizing Religious Leader to Promote Women’s Leadership in Peace Building


The -One Day Workshop of Mobilizing Religious Leader to Promote Women’s Leadership in Peace Building was successfully conducted on 12th Sep 2018. This one day workshop was arranged according to the plan to empower the participants (15 Imams’) competitive abilities and enhance their role to support prompting Women’s leadership in Peace Building. The workshop was held in NECDO Training hall and facilitated by Ms. Jamila Afghani President WILPF Afghanistan Section.

Preparations for Mobilizing Religious Leader to Promote Women’s Leadership in Peace Building -One Day Workshop:


WILPF Afghanistan Section commenced its preparations for Mobilizing Religious Leader to Promote Women’s Leadership in Peace Building. Leader to Promote Women’s

One Day Workshop on 12th Sep 2018 one week in advance, the followings activities had been done before workshop got conducted:

  1. Preparing of the attendees and Participants list, registration list, & agenda
  2. Logistic preparation for the Workshop
  3. Technical preparations
  4. Administrative and financial preparation
  5. Communication through emails and phone with the participants.


The -One Day Workshop of Mobilizing Religious Leader to Promote Women’s Leadership in Peace Building was arranged according to the plan on 12th Sep 2018 for 15 Imams’ introduced by MORA in NECDO office.  The workshop was started by the recitation of the Holy Quran by one of the participant. Then Mr. Kakar NECDO Managing Director & a WILPFer opened the program & welcomed the participants and then provided a brief the peach about the goal and objectives s and achievements of workshop. Also he added that these 15 persons can make a strong network among themselves. Our aim for conducting such a program is to know about your expectations, & introduction to WILPF.

Then Ms. Jamila Afghani offered presentation an Introduction to Afghanistan WILPF section and international WILPF, she added that WILPF-Afghanistan group works for Afghanistan free of war and violence, where social justice and freedom for everyone is prevailed and women can play an active role for sustainable peace and development in the country.

She added we aim to bring together women in Afghanistan as peacemakers and enhance their role in the development, freedom and prosperity in order to be able to become active and constructive member of the global movement for peace and freedom (WILPF).

WILPF-Afghanistan Section is a volunteer network of women, youths and men who are strongly committed and believe in common that there is urgent need for permanent peace in the country. We highly consider the 3 points below as we step our longstanding ambition. She also emphasized on Ulama to support women and their role in peace and security from their stages in the mosques and address the people youths and males.  In addition, she talked about the Impact of Peace on the Development process Importance of women role in peace and security, she Introduced the sustainable development goals and got the Ulama understand and support the initiative.

  1. A fair and just world for all Human beings.
  2. Equal participation of people in particular women in making decisions which affect their lives and that must be ensured.
  3. Everyone in the society must cooperate and work with each other for a just, peaceful and free world.

Later Mr. Kakar continued with the topics of the workshop and applied modern participatory methodology of Q+A, Group work, Group Discussion…

Participants Views about Workshop:

1-One of participant said, “This workshop was good and informative, and the topics which were presented for us were really useful, the exchanged of ideas and information about 1325 UNSCR was new for me and interesting”.

2-One of the participant said, “The program was very useful and different especially the women’s role in peace and security is an important issue for our society”.

3-One the participant said, “In general the program was very good and informative   especially introduction to WILPF, information on 1325 UNSCR was very interesting for me, and my suggestion is that a network of Ulama and those women who works for peace building can be established in order to work for a better change of mentalities on grassroots’ level as well as an policy making level”.

 The agenda: The flowing agenda was considered for the workshop:

SN Topics Facilitators Timing
1 Registration of Participants Admin 8:00-8:40
2 Recitation of the Holy Quran One of the participants 8:40 -9:00
3 Welcome Introduction of Participants & Program Opening NECDO Introduction Slide show 9:05-9:25
4 Role and Regulations   Expectations for workshop Answer and Question 9:25-9:40
5 Introduction to Afghanistan WILPF Group and international  WILPF Slide show 9:40-9:55
6 Peace Definition of Different From Islamic perspective Peace Definition of Different From Islamic perspective 9:55-10:10
Tea & Coffee Break
1 The Impact of Peace on the Development process Group work


2 Importance of women in peace and security Slide show & Discussion 11:15-11:45
3 Introduction of resolution 1325UNSCR Slide show 11:45-12:10
4   Sustainable Development  Goals Slide Show ,theatrical 12:10-12:30

List of first workshop of: Mobilizing Religious Leader to Promote Women’s Leadership in Peace Building

No.   Sex Designation Age
1 Abdul Had Male Imam 36
2 Masumu Deen Male Imam 29
3 Zarif Ahmad Male Imam 42
4 Arfanullah Male Imam 34
5 Abdul Basir Male Imam 33
6 Hamidullah Male Imam 42
7 Mohmamd Rahmatullah Male Imam 40
8 Abdul Samad Male Imam 43
9 Ghulam Jan Male Imam 47
10 Mawlai Abdul Basir Male Imam 62
11 Mawlai Imamdeen Male Imam
12 Mawlai Mohammad Arif Male Imam
13 Qari Ataullah Male Imam 38
14 Mawlai Abdul Bari Male Imam 39
15 Qari Bashir Ahmad Male Imam


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