WILPF Congress has adopted five new sections

Ladies and gentlemen and everybody in between! [Insert fictive fanfare] Please welcome WILPF Afghanistan, WILPF Chad, WILPF Kenya, WILPF Zimbabwe and WILPF Uganda as fully-fledged WILPF Sections.

Today, on the first day of our International Triennial Congress, Congress decided to adopt these five groups as WILPF SectionsThis rises the total number of WILPF Sections from 33 to 38 – and it gives our movement a spark of new knowledge, new experiences and new energy.

As you might have noted, four out of five of these new Sections are from Africa. 

Since 2007, when WILPF DRC joined the WILPF family, WILPF has grown steadily in Africa. In 2011 WILPF Nigeria joined the family, and in 2015 it was followed by WILPF Cameroon and WILPF Ghana.

WILPF’s movement for feminist peace is needed more than ever in the region, and the newest members of the WILPF family prove that it does make a difference to mobilise women for change.

Big change.

During the past decade, WILPF Sections in Africa have advocated for women’s meaningful participation in peace processes, led peaceful demonstrations, ensured the realisation of national action plans of UN Security Council resolution 1325, and carried out flagship initiatives like the Women Situation’s Room.

We are proud to expand.

Get to know our new Sections:

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