Monthly Archives: August 2018

WILPF Triennial International Congress

Every three years, at the Triennial International Congress, WILPFers meet to discuss, learn, share their experiences and decide together the next WILPF International Programme for the following three years. On top of that, a new International President is elected, and this year we welcome Joy Ada Onyesoh, who has been the WILPF International Vice President and Africa Liason for the ...

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WILPF Congress has adopted five new sections

Ladies and gentlemen and everybody in between! [Insert fictive fanfare] Please welcome WILPF Afghanistan, WILPF Chad, WILPF Kenya, WILPF Zimbabwe and WILPF Uganda as fully-fledged WILPF Sections. Today, on the first day of our International Triennial Congress, Congress decided to adopt these five groups as WILPF Sections. This rises the total number of WILPF Sections from 33 to 38 – and it ...

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Report on Role of Ulama in Durable Peace, Development and Economy

Executive Summary: Nahdhat-Ulama Afghanistan has successfully conducted the annual conference 2018 for 100 Ulama and Women (members of NUA individuals and organization such as NECDO, WILPF, KNAHR, Imam Bokhari Madrasa, Hafsa Madrasa, ShamsulQuran Madrasa, Muddassir Madrasa) from almost all provinces of the country, with the technical and moral support of Indonesian Embassy, and UNWOMEN in Kabul. NUA Shura members from ...

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