WILPF Afghanistan Group Summary Report


WILPF Afghanistan Group started its preliminary activities soon after Ms. Jamila Afghani chairperson NECDO (Noor Educational & Capacity Development Organization) returned to Kabul from the 100 years celebration congress of WILPF in Sweden in 2015. She began sharing the information through arranging meetings and workshops with famous and active women activist individuals and organizations giving information on WILPF Goal, objectives and mission. In addition, the materials on WILPF introduction were translated to Dari and Pashto languages in order to widen the area of membership for WILPF Afghanistan Group and time to time updates were shared with WILPF friends in the HQ and abroad. WILPF Afghanistan Group was formally recognized at the end of 2016 after one year of continues activities. After getting approval from WILPF headquarter the formal opening ceremony was held in the ministry of women affairs conference hall, in January 2017 in the presence of national, international CSOs, Government Institutions and media. WILPF Afghanistan Group is now active with a number of women and men who work voluntarily to implement the mission in the country for peace and freedom for women and men.

Afghanistan WILPF group aims to promote culture of peace and enhance for elimination of conflict and violence by empowerment, involvement of women, youth men from different walks of life through advocacy, awareness raising and their active engagement for peace and justice with the following vision, aim and commitment.

WILPF-Afghanistan Group Vision:

WILPF-Afghanistan group works for Afghanistan free of war and violence, where social justice and freedom for everyone is prevailed and women can paly an active role for sustainable peace

WILPF-Afghanistan Group Aim:

We aim to bring together women in Afghanistan as peacemakers and enhance their role in the development, freedom and prosperity in order to be able to become active and constructive member of the global movement for peace and freedom (WILPF).

WILPF-Afghanistan Group Commitment:

WILPF-Afghanistan is a group of volunteer network of women, youth and men who are strongly committed and believe in common that there is urgent need for permanent peace in the country. We highly consider the 3 points below as we step our longstanding ambition.

  1. A fair and just world for all Human Being
  2. Equal participation of people in particular women in decisions which affect their lives must be ensured.
  3. Everyone in the society must cooperate and work with each other for a just, peaceful and free world.

WILPF-Afghanistan Group Charter:

  • Create and support various programs of peace for the survival of the communities and plan positive change (peace and freedom) considering lessons learned from the past for a better present and future.
  • Share ideas, experiences and information with other like-minded institutions on national and international levels.
  • Rooting out the violence existing in the communities against women, children, youth and men. Utilizing cultural, religious, social, political and economic initiatives.
  • Establishing stronger relations and contacts on national and international levels for peace, social justice, democracy and freedom.

The chart in the annex shows the current WILPF Afghanistan Group members and focal points in the provinces:

Currently WILPF Afghanistan group is engaged in the following area of Advocacy: 

  • Enhancement for proper implementation of 1325 in Afghanistan, through different advocacy platform with government, civil society and national and international NGOs as well as being a member of monitoring and evaluation of the process.
  • Watch Afghan Unity Government for the activities around peace building
  • WILPF Afghanistan group is struggling to get on the board of advisory for Afghanistan High Peace Council membership.

Chronology of the activities conducted so far:

  • First networking and introductory meeting was held in Kabul under the leadership of Ms. Afghani on 6th May 2015. 20 women activists from various institutions attended, the participants were given a detailed introduction through multimedia on the history, mission and vision of WILPF for the first time in Afghanistan. The participants expressed their interest and agreed to work voluntarily for the establishment of a branch of WILPF in Afghanistan and working to get the formal status from WILPF international.
  • Second networking meeting was held with the participation of 30 women from various institutions and individuals on the 23rd of May 2015 to work on the setting the goal, mission and vision for WILPF Afghanistan group in the light of WILPF international, the materials on the history background of WILPF were translated to national languages of Dari and Pashto in order to enable more number of women and men understand the mission and vision of WILPF.
  • Third networking meeting was held on 16th Jun 2015 to work on the selection of steering committee and working on policies and plans for expansion and strength of WILPF Afghanistan Group, the steering committee consist of 7 members 6 female and one male who make gatherings based on the plan on regular basis.
  • The committees worked on developing a mechanism for expansion of WILPF Afghanistan Group through a registration form in which the details about individuals and organization joining WILPF is filled with a commitment statement at the bottom of the form, signature and contact details. Later the form is entered into a database developed for the board members, core members and general members.
  • On 16th August 2016 as all the policies and constitutional documents were developed the steering committee, decided on structural following division: 1-Committee of Cultural Affairs 2- Committee of Relations and Networking 3- Committee of Administration and Finance 4- Committee of Legal Affairs
  • On 15th September 2016 a meeting was held by the steering committee in which

According to agenda we reviewed the previous session, after that Ms. Jamila Safi introduced the 1325 declaration and members had discuss on the this declaration. Then we discuss about arrangements of meetings with government and CSOs who work for peace. The committee decided to appoint members who will attend the meetings and prepare the agenda. Then WILFP member requested from NECDO to invite them for further workshops and suggested to hold the WILFP meetings regularly. After that we concluded the session and we decided another date for the next meeting.

  • NECDO WILPF membership celebration conference held in Kabul 10 Jan 2017In Celebration of leadership and membership of NECDO to the WILPF in Afghanistan that was in the Head of Ms. Jamila Afghani Deputy Minister of martyrs and disabled & chairperson NECDO. The participants of the conference were 70 individuals who consist of women, religious scholars, civil activist, Deputy Minister, Members of WILPF, Members of the united nations, Members of NECDO, the legal staff of MOWA, officials of gender departments, teachers, students, Women’s council, Journalists and representatives of media and other individuals which belong to the governmental and non-governmental organizations. The conference was held in the Hall of MOWA on 10th Jan 2017 and was successfully completed.
  • WILFP members meeting with Dr. Habiba Sarabi, was held 4th March 2017 The meeting was started by the recitation of the Holy Quran by Ms. Parveen Dost then Ms. Parina Mehrzad deputy director of NECDO Congratulate Dr. Habiba Sarabi deputy director of High Peace Council for her Achievements According to agenda Ms. Parina Mehrzad introduced the WILPF Afghanistan then WILPF members had discussed the WILPF work so far. Then Ms. Jamila Safi Member of WILPF gave the honor membership to Dr. Habiba Sarabi deputy director of High Peace Council after that we concluded the meeting.
  • On 15th February 2017 WILPF Afghanistan Group was part of the general conference in collaboration with NECDO, NUA on role of community and religious leaders in peace and countering radicalism, WILPF focal points from 10 provinces participated in the 2 day conference, giving a strong message to the delegates on the role of WILPF Afghanistan Group in peace and freedom.
  • WILPF – Afghanistan Group Statement nuclear weapons, “The Time is now to Ban the Bomb” This is exacting time in WILPF’s history .we have opposed nuclear weapons, we demand to ban nuclear weapons across borders, because the threat of nuclear weapons is a global and existential one we want a world free nuclear weapons and we need world leaders to understand this.

Ms. Afghani attended a conference in Harat Province through support of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) for promotion of role of women as agent of peace and unity in the country on 16th April 2017. The emphasis of the gathering was to focus on the local methodologies for mobilizing Afghan community to play their role for peace and justice, especially women.

  • Meeting with new members held 27th August 2017, Meeting Attended by: Ms. Jamila Afghani, Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar, Mr. Mohammad Masoom Janan, Mr. Fahim Paigham, Ms. Zarifa Sedeqyan and Mr. Ali Reza Hussaini WILPF Afghanistan Group had a fruitful interdictory meeting in NECDO main office Kabul with Mr. Mohammad Masoom Janan and Mr. Fahim Paigham. First WILPF board of director welcomed the two new friends; goal and objectives as well as the mission and vision of the Afghanistan WILPF group were introduced and explained to them. They both showed their support and commitment to WILPF and filled the membership form at the end of the meeting
  • Conference World Peace Day Celebration By WILPF Afghanistan Group was held 26th Sep 2017. The World Peace Day Celebration Conference was held in the Ministry of Information and culture Media Hall on the 26th September of 2017. More than 100 participants from different walks of life participated in the event Members of WILPF Afghanistan Group, CSOs, Government Bodies, Diplomatic missions of Embassies in Kabul, women groups and youth and Ulama. The program successful commenced in accordance to the agenda. The participants were welcomed by Ms.Parina Jahid the deputy head of WILPF, followed by Ms. Maryam Arya WILPF Afghanistan Group member who introduced the program and talked about the history of World Peace Day Celebration. Then Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia gave speech about Role of Islamic Countries in bringing peace. Afterward, Mr. Hayat NUA board member talked about role of Ulama in Peace. Ms. Yasameen advisor at MOWA talked about role of women in making peace. Mr. Jafari advisor at MOIC talked about Role of Media in Peace. After that Mr. Ramizpor head of human rights department in UN Kabul talked about role of civil society in peace.
  • On 16th November 2017 Ningarhar WILPF conference on expansion of WILPF Afghanistan Group was successfully conducted with active participation of 100 individuals youths, women and men from different walks of life. The subsection of WILPF was formally established in Ningarhar province with 11 persons as core group members 6 female from Ningarhar 3 female from Kunar and 2 female from Laghman province covering Western zone of Afghanistan. The gathering was held by financial support of WILPF under small grants project announced by WILPF International.

List of WILPF Afghanistan Group Members in the Provinces:

NO Province No. of Members Common Members  Board Members  Focal points
1 Kabul 100 90 10 2
2 Ningahar 115 109 6 1
3 Kapisa 2 Nil Nil 2
4 Balkh 2 Nil Nil 2
5 Herat 2 Nil Nil 2
6 Bamyan 2 Nil Nil 2
7 Ghazni 1 Nil Nil 1
8 Logar 1 Nil Nil 1
9 Kundoz 1 Nil Nil 1
10 Panjshir 1 Nil Nil 1
11 Maidan wordak 5 Nil 5 1
12 Parwan 2 Nil Nil 2
13 Baghlan 1 Nil Nil 1
14 Laghman 2 Nil Nil 2
15 Kunar 3 Nil Nil 3
Total 13 240 199 10 31


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