Conference Brief Report “Strengthening and Expanding WILPF-Afghanistan Group in eastern zone”


The Strengthening and expanding #WILPF-Afghanistan Group in the eastern zone in the city of Jalalabad was conducted on 16th November 2017, 120 persons majority of whom were women, participated. Heads of provincial departments of PDMoWA, PDMoRA, PDAIHRC, PDMoIC and CSOs participated in this gathering.

All heads of Government institutions in Ningarhar province expressed their support to WILPF-Afghanistan Group and admired the mission and vision, they vowed to work for the strength and expansion of WILPF Afghanistan Group in the zone which consist 4 provinces of Ningarhar, Laghman, Kunar and Nooristan. The conference commenced in the morning and the topics were fully covered in accordance to the agenda prepared in advance.

The conference was concluded with the selection of focal point committee in eastern zone through a proper election conducted by the steering committee of WILPF. 11 women (6 women form Ningarhar, 3 women from Kunar and 2 women from Laghman provinces) were appointed as focal point in the eastern zone. They were given the responsibility to work with commitment for the expansion of the Afghanistan WILPF Group and enjoin more women to the group.


This important conference entitled Development of the Women’s Movement for Peace and Liberation in the Eastern Zone under the guidance from Ms. Jamila Afghani, chaired by of Dr. Fazal Ghani Kakar, NECDO MD and founder of Afghanistan NUA, on 2017/11/16 in Spin Ghar Hotel city of Jalalabad capital of Ningarhar province.

The program started by the recitation of some verses of the Holy Quran was launched by Rabia one of the participants.

Consequently, Dr. Fazal Ghani Kakar welcomed the guests and introduced the WILPF Afghanistan Group.  Mr. Kakar stated that “peace is treaty and Allah has incorporated peace in anatomy of humans”, if this anatomy works in the human body one will always live in peace and contribute in bringing peace in society and if the function of this anatomy diminishes the problem of the loss of peace in humans is high. Human beings naturally like to live in peaceful and secured environment. Allah (SWT) also invites human beings to live like this system and live peacefully.

Mr. Kakar explained the goal and objectives of the conference as below:

  1. The first goal is to expand this movement (WILPF) into the eastern zone and invite the civil society, government bodies, women activists both groups and individuals in the eastern zone to get the membership of this organization.
  2. The second goal is to expose the importance of the geographical location of the eastern zone and the large number of population residing in the zone.
  3. The third goal of the conference to raise awareness of the people in the eastern zone on the importance of the role of women in peace and security and doing advocacy for the social participation of women in daily life
  4. The fourth goal was to raise awareness among the common man to put the efforts to eliminate violence against women and counter the radical and conservative traditions in the zone.

Later, he introduced WILPF Afghanistan Group through a power point presentation he explained the history of WILPF, as well as the goal, objectives, vision and mission to the audience.

 After that Ms. Parina Jahid talked about the how WILPF international History and how WILPF begin its mission in Afghanistan, she also presented the founder of WILPF in Afghanistan Ms. Jamila Afghani’s greetings and well wishes to the audience and her excuse for not being able to attend this important event due to her illness and being abroad for treatment.

Followed by Ms. Torpekai Mohmand, Director of Secondary Education of MOE and head of the international relation and communication committee in WILPF Afghanistan Group, talked about women’s role in peace.  She said, “Peace is a basic need for everyone and it is the right of every human being to live in a peaceful environment. Peace is very precious and is the core need for a country like Afghanistan, which has been suffering from war for several years, now”.

It is the obligation of each of us and in particular the countries which are peaceful to emphasize and work on peace in the war torn countries and safe humanity. She added, “women play a significant role in peace because they can start peace from their own families to the international level. The first thing a woman can do is to make the environment and inspires her children to study and work for the society”.

She also said, “we should educate women because women when a women is literate she will literate her children and the whole society will be literate when a country is literate we can easily achieve peace”.

“In addition to this, the role of women in the High Peace Council (HPC) should be increased, WILPF Afghanistan Group should be given a room and representation in HPC because now WILPF Afghanistan Group is present in major provinces of the country”.

In reference to the constitution,  “ Rule of law can bring peace, as the legitimacy of the government is through a legitimate election, which is acceptable to all people, and that prevails only if peace is there for all”.

Subsequently, Ms. Anisa “Emrani” Director of Women Affairs in Nangarhar province, stressed in her remarks on peace and development. She said, “Women in Islamic society have a status because they are mothers, sisters, and wives. They have special value and their words are acceptable for men so they can play vital role in bringing peace”. The government must provide work and employment opportunity for women and young ladies, because one of the elements of war, problems and disputes is the unemployment, illiteracy and bad economical condition people live in”.  She added, “I request from government Institutions, HPC and other concerned bodies on zone and center levels to give greater role for women in national and international affairs”.

Later, Mr. AtiquRahmanm “Fazli” from PD MORA said Allah (SWT) in Surah al-Nisah states that “there is no legitimate gathering unless it directs the people to the right path and peace”, he emphasized on the education of women and girls as one of the most important element to eliminate violence against women.

Mr. Awrang Samim head of PDMOIC talked about women’s role in peace in east zone.

Mr. Samim stated,  “Peace is a human need. Today, all the progress that has taken place in the world and the countries are progressing is from the blessing of peace that they have in their country. We could achieve peace, provided that we start peace from the family level, women play an important role in fostering peace in the family, which has an impact not only on the family, but also on the community. I strongly emphasize that if you understand our responsibility and obligations, we will naturally be peaceful. I would like to explain the role of women in peace by sharing of experiences of women Ladies in the City of Manchester (USA); females of Manchester City were able to end the war without any harm to the city, during the seven year civil war in the United States of American”.

Then, Ms. Engineer Hashima Sharif Deputy PD of AIHRC in the Eastern zone talked about Women Rights in the Eastern Region, investigations shows that in the three decades of war in Afghanistan has affected women the most. She point out to men and said should not humiliate when they are clinging to religion, but they should talk about women’s rights and give them chance to express their ideas and talk. “Women play an essential role in peace because dedicate educated children to society, and also they should rise their children as patriot and a true Afghans who love peace”.

Mr. Hayatullah director W4AW from Civil Society, talked about the role of women in civil society. He stated, “all mankind are brothers, women play a vital role in peace”. In order to live in a peaceful society we should not humiliate each other. We should live based on principals of justice and respect so the peace will be achieved. He added, “we should start peace from our families, other families will also, and a village will reach peace from the level of a village in a district, from the district level to the province and from the province to the level of a country”.

Covering the agenda the focal point committee of East Zone was set up through an election process, in total 22 women nominated themselves for the focal point committee, from among them, eleven women who got more than 50 percent of votes were appointed as member of the focal point committee of WILPF in Eastern Zone. 6 women from Nangarhar province, 3 women from Kunar province and 2 women from Laghman provinces are the elected members who were assigned to carry out their activities in the eastern zone to represent the Women’s Movement for Peace and Freedom WILPF Afghanistan Group.

The conference was successfully concluded with the commitment of all the members to work for the strength and expansion of the Group in the eastern zone in particular and in all Afghanistan in general.

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