MUI (Mujlis Ulama Indonesia- Ulama Council Indonesia delegation accompanied by his excellency Ambassador Mr. Arief Rahcman and Diplomats from Vice president and the Foreign ministry of Indonesia visited NECDO main office and met the chairperson and Managing Director of NECDO as well as the Board of Director of NUA on 3rd of November 2018 in order to discuss the role of Afghan civil society and afghan Ulama in peace and reconciliation process and to emphasis on the support of Indonesia government to the vital role both NECDO and NUA play on the cultural dimension for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

The program started by the recitation of some verses from holy Quran by Mr. Sayid Salahuddin Hashemi and later, Mr. Fazal Ghani Kakar, welcomed the guests and thanked the delegation for their attention to NUA and NECDO. Subsequently, Ms. Jamila Afghani, Founder of (NECDO) and President of (WILPF-AFG-Section), had an introductory presentation of NECDO, and provided information about the achievements of the institution over its 18 years history. In the meantime, Mr. Sayid Salahuddin Hashemi also welcomed the delegation and presented information about the activities of the Nahdht ul Ulama of Afghanistan and asked for technical and spiritual cooperation to strengthen NUA mission and its efforts for peace.
Subsequently, Mr. Fazal-Ghani Kaker introduced the NahdhtulUlama, and the efforts of NUA to bring peace to Afghanistan, the activities of NUA were explained in a power point presentation, on the visits of the members of the organization to Indonesia, the annual conferences of this institution, the various meetings and conferences which was welcomed by the guests.
Then, Professor Abdul Sattar Hayat, in a brief statement, presented a number of suggestions from the address of the NUA to Board of Directors to the Indonesian delegation. He said, “We believe that the NUA will play a very effective and important role in bringing both sides of the conflict in Afghanistan closer and make them ready to sit around one table. We highly appreciate and are thankful for your assistance and cooperation. You are our very kind and elder brothers we would like to ask you for some more and wider help and support to be extended to NUA in this regard”.

He came up with the following points as he emphasized on the support required to NUA to achieved the set up goal, objectives and mission
• Providing financial support to make NUA much more active and successful to arrive to all or to the most of the provinces of the country.
• To increase the number of study scholarship for NUA Afghan youth in Indonesia.
• Provide more opportunities for NUA members to visit most of the Islamic foundations in Indonesia in order to learn more from their experiences.
• To develop the Indonesia Islamic Center to a greater capacity including a multi skill training center in Kabul.
Then, His Excellency Mr. Areif Rachman, Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Indonesia, thanked the two parties for their commitment and promised his full cooperation in this regard.
Subsequently, His Excellency Mr. Mhyuddin Junaidi, the Deputy of the Indonesian Majlis Ulama, spoke on the issues of continuing cooperation between the institutions involved in the meeting and he praised the effective activities of NECDO & NUA. He mentioned that these efforts are major steps towards establishing of peace in Afghanistan and promised of his cooperation between the country of Indonesia and, in particular, the Ulama of Indonesia to help for peace and brotherhood in Afghanistan. The program ended with the exchange of gifts between the two sides and a reception offered by NECDO and NUA.
List of the Participants:
1. Indonesian Delegation
2. NUA and NECDO


Name Organization Remarks
1 Excellency Mr.Arif-ull-Rahman Ambassador of Indonesia in Kabul
2 Excellency Mr. Muhyiddin Junaidi Deputy of Majlisi Ulama
3 Mr. Luqman Hakim Indonesia Diplomat
4 Mr.Haji Mohmmad Sidiq Head of Majlisi Dawah
5 Haji Burhanuddin Emaq Majlisi Ulama Member
6 Mr.Bokas Yanji Foreign Ministry of Indonesia
7 Mr.Mohammad Salih Foreign Ministry of Indonesia
8 Mr.Zamzam Samabas Foreign Ministry of Indonesia
9 Mr.Wahban Indonesia Diplomat
10 Mr.Antoni Mawla First Deputy Office Member
11 Mr.Alfin Parsta First Deputy Office Member
12 Dr.Fazal Ghani Kakar NUA and NECDO Member
13 Ms.Jamila Afghani Chairperson of NECDO
14 Mr.Salahuddin Hashemi NUA  Head
15 Dr.Suliman Nasri NUA Member
16 Mr.Ahmad Ziya Anwaree NUA Member
17 Mr.Abdul Satar Hayat NUA Member
18 Mr.Mohmmad Sarwar Sarwari NUA Member
19 Mr.Mohmmad Nasim Rohani NUA Member
20 Mr.Nasir Ahmad NUA and NECDO Member
21 Mr. Ali Reza Hussine NUA and NECDO Member
22 Ms.Parina Jahid NUA and NECDO Member
23 Ms.Masooda Waisy NUA and NECDO Member

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