Survey report about gender condition in governmental and non-governmental departments

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Karamah Social Forum for Human Rights and is committed to support all government agencies, private sector and civil society organizations to assist the development and strengthening of gender.

At the end of the forum, a comprehensive survey to assess the status of gender in government departments and private institutions have been done that is report it now to strengthen civil society in Afghanistan Capabilities Office, which conducted the research he presented by financial and technical assistance.

Here we need to express our thanks to the community association Karamah specialized research to support human rights each miss HusniaTuba, Rubaba Azad, and Jamila Safi. The mention personals did their job in the best of possible ways without their support this research would not be possible. They performed this task in presence of bad security and other obstacles. A special thanks to government sectors for making this survey possible and helped us in making interviews. We also thank all the people who helped us in this regard specially the finance, editing and all related departments of karamah organization. At the end we once again express our heartedly regards for TAWANMANDI organization for supporting us financially.

The gender issue in a society has a significant role. This phenomena like all other phenomena has positive and negative aspects. The most important point is this that the discrimination between male and female would be demolished and would be finished. Men and women can both work shoulder by shoulder both in professional and nonprofessional areas. Women make a significant part of a society. For the implementation of this agenda karamah organization has got a survey in order to supervise the status of gender in government and private sectors. This survey is implemented with the financial support of TAWANANDI organization. This survey is implemented from 11 Jadi 1392 to 3 Mizan 1393.

In this report which is consist of three main gender statuses in government and private sectors would be thoroughly assessed in order to present a complete report about gender status to tawanmandi organization. Furthermore the educational level of interviewees from the gender word, seriousness about gender, women job opportunities, enhancing women capabilities, granting scholarships for professional women and female students, problems available in gender section, gender activities, sex awareness, sex communication and how women are discriminated from gender perspective are also surveyed.

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