KNAHR Profile

We aim for social justice and we believe every human being is dignified.

Who we are?

Karama Network of Advocacy and Human Rights (KNAHR) is registered with the Ministry of Justice under number of 3511 on 7/11/1391 or in February 2013. The network is consisting of 11 NGOs and three female Madrassa registered with Ministry of Education and 1200 individuals from six provinces (Kabul, Parwan, Balkh, Takhar & Badakhshan and Ningrhar) from different walks of life. KNAHR was established to address the great need time where as Islamic society to utlize Islamic teaching for promotion of Human rights and women rights.

Our Vision: enhancement for Afghanistan, where Human Rights have been respected and Islamic teachings, Afghan peaceful culture are utilized for social justice, women empowerment and prohibition of any sort of discriminations in accordance to all international and national laws in Afghan society.

KNAHR Mission:

Enhancement for social justice and human dignity for support of Human Rights in the light of national & international laws. We believe that all religions respect human dignity and human rights and we enhance for best utilization of Islamic teachings as tool for prevention of violence in Afghan society. We struggle to raise public awareness on women leadership role and political & social participation, through the initiative of innovative social & cultural projects

Our goal: Advocacy & Networking for respect of human dignity, social justice, and gender equality and for elimination of all sort of violence against in accordance all Afghanistan laws (national laws & international conventions)

Need for KNAHR:

We NECDO, JAFO, HAFT, SAF, FESECO, AWPTI, IMAM BUKHARI Home school BIBI HAFASA, Darul Ulum of Khadija tul Kubra, Afghan Elite Women’s Network which consist of 13 civil society network, Ashyana Jawan organization. Through out of our work of activism and especially during 2011- 2013 years the double standard of Afghan government for women’s right issues, increase in domestic violence national wide, set back of EVAW Law by Parliamentarian and protest against EVAW Law by some groups, Shia code of Family Law and clashes among women groups, increasing death treat towards women activist, or unjust decision of by local community and severe punishments to women, increase sexual harassment in public spaces are the major concern and a set back to all women activists efforts doing in the past two decades for social justice.

Always Islam has been utilized a source for shutting our mouth for not raising our voices for appealing to justice and we do not tolerate to compromise the gains civil society has achieved specially in the past decade, rather we want to build farther on the laid foundations for Gender equality, human rights and human dignity. When we came together for addressing the need of time and soon 1100 individual joint our network in five provinces

  1. The main area of expertise of our members: Research, Capacity Building, Social & cultural initiatives, awareness raising, analytical reports and topics, media activities, advocacy & networking, legal & Psychosocial consoling.

KNAHR Principles: transparency, unity, cooperation and coordination with sister individuals & organization

KNAHR Objectives:

·        To revival of massages of Afghan culture of peace for motivation of people for unity and prevention of violence and increase level of understanding between cultural norms and Islamic teachings

·        To take Advocacy initiatives for advising policy makers for law reforms on human rights and on mechanisms of prevention violence against women and protection of victims by Legal aid, and Psychosocial aids

·        To Bridge the gape between women activists and religious groups

·        To conducting research, analysis and assessments, Capacity building, empowerment and awareness raising initiatives on HR & women’s rights through workshops, seminars, conferences and other educational activities by involvement of mass medi

KNAHR Structure:

Core members are the key decision makers with voting power & volunteer without any material benefits from KNAHR; in initial year of establishment they were meeting on monthly basis for KNAHR settings, structures, documents, strategic documents and other networking issues. Core members consist of 11 members (5 NGOs, 6 individuals). During 2014 they will meet on bio monthly basis and they will supervise the Program coordinator to lead and to manage the KNAHR. The program coordinator is dealing with all activities, networking management with support of two other staff Advocacy & Networking Officer and admin & finance assistant

Board of advisors are consist of Ministry of Women Affairs, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social & Labor Affairs, Afghanistan High court, Afghanistan Family Court and Afghanistan Child court, and Ministry of Public health are our in advisor board who do not have any voting power but guiding and advising

Common members are the individuals who have no voting power and they are not responsible to attend meetings regularly. They recommend KNAHR to organize some activities, such as workshop, seminar, gatherings and other activities and their capacity building is responsibility of KNAHR. They get benefit of KNAHR initiatives and project

Volunteers are those who are interested to contribute their time, energy and skill for support of activities of KNAHR directly or indirectly and they also have opportunity to learn from our initiatives.

Major Activities since 2012:

  • During 2013 KNAHR had hold 13 networking meetings on monthly basis and one urgent meeting. We plan to hold meeting on bio monthly in the 2014 year of our activities
  • 12 workshops on EVAW from Islamic perspective
  • 12 TV round table discussion on Khurshid TV channel
  • 2 national conference on EVAW and Women’s right in the light of national, international laws and Sharia
  • The membership has reached to 30 individual up to 1900 women and men from six provinces
  • Producing electronic magazine on bio monthly basis
  • Sending 10 girls for higher education to Indonesian
  • Publication of the following booklets for public information
  • A training manual on Islam & Human Rights
  • Development of a training manual for Women activists on Advocacy & networking
  • Gender and Islamic teachings
  • Stickers on anti sexual harassment on public spaces
  • How to bring peace in our society
  • 10 gatherings on women political participation in Kabul & Parwan for more than 30 women participants
  • Establishment of KNAHR branches in Balkh, Badakhshan, Parwan and Ningrhar, Wardak and Harat
  • Press statements on support of EVAW Law
  • Press statement on successful women participation on 5th April in 2014 election
  • Press statement on landslide in Badakhshan Establishment of Charity fund to help the needy
  • Distribution of blanket for 200 orphan
  • Food distribution for 600 employees of Municipality
  • Celebration of mother day with martriad soldier mothers
  • Organizing the first Genral assembly of KNAHR
  • Organizing Sir conference on “ Mohammad Mercy for Humanity especially for women”

Planed Activities for 2014 & 2015:

Fund raising for the planed activities

Conducting bio monthly board members meetings

Work on protection and support of EVAW Law

Conducting research from Gender Units of Government, private, national and international organizations finding gender gapes

Conducting awareness workshops on support of EVAW Law and EVAW in at least 8 provinces (Kabul, Ningrhar, Badakhshan, Takhar, Mazar, Harat, Kunar, Laghman)

Conducting a national conference on EVAW

Development of 3-hand book on Human rights and women rights issues

Working for women leadership especially for 2015 parliamentarian election

Empowerment of women by multiple projects


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